Assessment for Project Management

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How to Interpret the Report?
The Functional Assessment for Project Manager measures the candidate’s ability to perform well in the various functional aspects of project management. 

The following skills are tested in the assessment:
  1. Project Communications Management: The process of developing an approach to plan and manage project communications based on the stakeholder’s expectations around the project.
  2. Project Cost and Profitability Budgeting and Estimation: The process of planning the budget and estimating the costs for a project.
  3. Project Integration: The process of integrating and coordinating between all the aspects and elements of a project.
  4. Project Procurement Management: The process of coordinating and managing outside vendors for goods and services required to deliver a project.
  5. Project Quality Management: the process of maintaining and upholding the quality of all the deliverables in a project.
  6. Project Resource Management: The process of managing all the resources involved in delivering a project.
  7. Project Risk Management: The process of identifying and analyzing any risk related to a stage in the project.
  8. Project Scope Planning and Control Management: The process of defining the project goals, objectives, and scope in order to define the project plan.
  9. Project Stakeholder Management: The process of identifying the stakeholders and understanding their expectations to develop proper strategies in order to work with them.
  10. Project Time Management and Scheduling: The process of developing project plans to manage the timelines of the project.
Responses to this assessment are scored based on how many correct options a respondent chooses. Each item answered correctly is awarded 1 mark and items answered incorrectly or not attempted are given a 0 (zero) mark. An individual’s overall score is a sum of all items answered correctly presented in the report in the form of a percentage. Review the overall recommendation first. Based on your need, you might want to prioritize candidates who are ‘recommended', followed by those who are ‘moderately recommended’. A score of 0-40 indicates low performance, a score of 40-60 indicates a moderate performance and a score of 60-100 indicates excellent performance.
Performance Summary

This test has been designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts in project management such as time management, project scope, cost and profitability management, etc.

Values shown in above chart are percentages
Very low Low Moderate High Very high

Is able to analyze and understand the business use case and solve problems related to it. Is likely to think critically about the information presented, which is likely to lead to a well-thought-out solution. Is able to apply managerial skills and communicate newly acquired skills for improving the existing processes. Likely to have the ability to carry out multiple tasks efficiently like planning, budgeting and managing resources and procurements.

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