Frequently asked questions

What is Mettl?

Mettl is a powerful online assessment platform. It helps you create your own assessments for recruitment (across various experience levels), training effectiveness (before / during / after training) and engagement (contests). It is ideal for companies who want to run multi-competency assessments for their prospective hires, existing employees and enrolled candidates. We focus deeply on the science of assessments in addition to the technology around it, thereby offering more valid and reliable assessments.

Who might be interested in Mettl?

All CXOs, HR heads, hiring managers, recruiters (responsible for both entry level and experienced hires), job portals, training architects, campus marketing teams, certification agencies, and publishers / content experts might be interested in Mettl. Simply put, anybody in the business of skill assessment can find immense value in Mettl.

Is Mettl just a platform or does Mettl have pre-loaded content as well?

We do have high quality content for a variety of skills. You can choose any of those skills to create a standardized assessment in an efficient and cost effective manner.

How is Mettl different from thousands of other tests / quiz authoring tools available in the market?

Mettl is a web-based platform which can get you started in less than 5 mins. Here are some of our top features that our clients love:

  • Create and manage multi-competency assessments - i.e. measure aptitude, technical and personality skills applicable to the work environment.
  • Simulation based - sharper measurement of skills (to measure coding skills, we make a candidate code)
  • Automatic invigilation - prevent cheating even if the candidate is based remotely
  • Actionable analytics - deep report on candidates (test / skill level) generated in real time.
  • Easy and Efficient content upload - for a painless and hassle free management

Each one of the above feature has been developed in consultation with the industry. As a result, the features take into account the practical aspects faced by the assessment administrators, hiring managers and training architects. We are proud of the fact that we haven't lost even a single customer till date and anybody who has started using Mettl has continued to be our customer.

Is Mettl strong only for assessments in the IT industry?

While we work with a lot of global IT companies and have a very strong product for the IT industry, we are already being used by a lot of companies in IT Enabled Services, Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing. Offering the best assessment platform for different industries will continue to be our focus area for the next few years.

What skills does Mettl cover?

The Mettl platform covers skills across three broad areas:

  • Ability and aptitude
  • Behavioural and Personality
  • Technical and Functional

Within these three sets, there are wide and deep skill maps which have been developed by us based on the feedback from our customers and partners. For example, in IT industry, under Technical skills, one can choose a top level skill like Java, or can select a sub-skill within that like Core Java, Struts or Design Patterns.

What does simulation based assessments mean?

We at Mettl truly believe that in a work environment, the best way to measure somebody's skill is to make him/her do the exact same thing during the assessment. So to measure coding skills, we developed a coding simulator which automatically measures how good a given code is. We have also developed simulators for the Banking and Financial Services industry and will soon introduce simulators to measure somebody's quantitative aptitude and English speaking skills.

What is proctoring and how does Mettl prevent cheating?

Mettl has developed advanced proctoring or auto invigilation algorithms which can be used when a candidate is in a remote location while taking an assessment. Web proctoring ensures that the candidate will not be able to move away from the test window at any point during the test. The proctoring options are available while scheduling an assessment and prevent candidate cheating.

Okay the platform is very flexible. But how do you ensure reliability and validity of your assessments?

We have our in-house psychometric team which takes care of the validity and reliability for behavioural and personality assessments. Each psychometric assessment comes with its norms and validity / reliability scores. For ability / aptitude and functional / technical assessments, we measure validity by mapping Mettl assessment scores with performance in a work setting. In all the surveys that we have done so far, there is a universal acknowledgement that Mettl assessments have a very high validity, especially the skill simulators. Each assessment report also comes along with a score / frequency curve which maps the spread of scores for all the people who take that assessment. Our customers tell us that each such a score / frequency curve tends to become a normal / bell curve implying that the test is indeed differentiating between the relevant and not-so-relevant candidates.

How safe and secure is the Mettl platform? Can it be integrated with my existing systems?

We work with some of the top names in the industry and have gone through rigorous scrutiny around safety and security of data, support for concurrent assessments and integration with the existing systems that are currently used. Our servers are hosted in one of the most secure data centre and use the latest advancements in cloud computing. They are also are scalable on a need basis.

What browsers are supported by Mettl? Is there a download required at the client site?

Mettl runs of most of the commonly used browsers and does not need any download at the client site. One way we check whether our system will work is whether Gmail / Facebook works on that machine or not.

Here is a recommended list of browsers which will give you the best experience with Mettl:

  • Firefox: 3.6 and above
  • Google Chrome: 10.x and above
  • Safari: 4.x and above
  • Internet Explorer: 7 and above

While there are limitations on some older browser versions, we keep updating this list to support all the newer versions of the latest browsers.

Do you offer personalized training/ on-site training?

While Mettl is simple to use system, and moreover self-learn, we do offer the jumpstart that one may look forward to through personalized training and assistance.

We can offer custom training programs that can fit your requirement @US $350 per day and this training is provided online with audio and video. We can also organize training at your desired location which is charged at US$ 500 per day and you have to bear the travel and accomodation charges.

Travel (currently available only from India) is charged additionally for the trainer, and lodging/boarding is borne by you.

The language of communication currently is English only.

I am sure things do go wrong. Can you share any troubleshooting tips.

Normally, the Mettl assessments work without any glitch.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips that you can try out in case of any rare issues:

  • Network Speed - Check if the candidates have a proper internet connection at their end with decent speed. A proxy for this is if they are able to login into their Gmail accounts without difficulty.
  • Browser Cache Settings - Please do clear browser cache/cookies before the 1st round of candidates start taking the test. For the subsequent rounds of candidates taking the test on the same machines you don't need to clear the browser cache/cookies.

    In case any candidate faces any issue in the loading of the test or images, please clear the cache again.

    For most browsers pressing "CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE" and selecting Clear Cache (for Firefox and Chrome) or Clear Temporary Internet Files (for Internet Explorer) clears the browser cache. After doing this press CTRL+F5.

  • Test Expiry - In case the test window closes in the middle of the test or at the time of submission for any reason whatsoever, the system waits for at least 30 minutes before expiring the test & generating the result report for that particular candidate so as to allow the candidate to re-login & start the test from exactly where it stopped.
  • Support Information - If case of any issue please call Mettl support at 0124-3220914 / Mob: 9958129168.