4,500 Certifications Annually

Building a community through a certification program for a platform with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    This company runs the world’s finest experience optimization platform, providing website/mobile A/B testing and personalization for leading brands in the global market. With ease of use and speed of deployment, their platform empowers organizations to conceive and run experiments that help them make better data-inspired decisions and eliminate technical bottlenecks. In merely four years, they grew to become #1 in the category with over 7000+ paying customers, including big names such as Starbucks, Disney and Marketo. They meet the diverse needs of organizations worldwide looking to deliver connected experiences across several channels for their audience. To date, their customers are estimated to have created and delivered more than thirty billion optimized visitor experiences.


    When we talk the American motorcycle brand – Harley Davidson, and the community amassed, we often forget the time involved. Communities are champions to customer-brand loyalty, providing what’s known as an interactive customer service. However, just as champions, communities from a business perspective require love, time and nurture.

    For them, this was an idea of marketing genius. After all, who would not want:

    1. Better Customer-Focused Product Development,
    2. Reduced Communication Barriers,
    3.  Increased Feedback & Customer Concern Identification,
    4. Valuable Transparency, and
    5. Enthusiastic Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

    But to reap the benefits without the seeds is what many would call a fool’s errand. To rev the community engine to optimization, they faced a couple of challenges in terms of:

    1. Customer Community Location
    By choosing the perfect place to build a community marketing effort, a brand is more likely to drive participation. For example, a community of teenagers would be drawn to a Facebook or Twitter based community. A group of programmers may be more willing to participate in a coding forum.

    2. The Purpose of the Interaction
    It’s important to decide on what their customers would want to gain from this interaction. For example, would this be a community to receive troubleshooting advice, special offers, share stories with other loyalists, or a combination of them all?

    At the end of the day, community marketing campaigns rank among the best ways for a company to develop what’s known as a Brand Voice. Why? Simply because, communication within a company is two-sided, the brand has numerous opportunities to interact with customers.

    Certification Platform

    Customer communities may form on their own in a more natural manner, or a company could set the groundwork for it, thereby drawing customers to it. They saw their community potential propel towards their now robust Certification Platform.

    A community of developers and technical aficionados alike? This was their answer, and it was an answer worth a goldmine. Considering the potential of their own JavaScript library as well, it was certainly possible to develop this fast-growth model of a community for people keen to master and acquire certification on the same.

    The Business Solution aimed to also drive immense growth in their inbound, word-of-mouth, and social marketing channels. On the flipside, they also partnered with the best service providers worldwide to offer a continuum of complementary products and services for its customers through its Solutions Partners Program.

    The Certification Program also aimed to enable partners to exhibit their acumen and proficiency with the complete platform. However, this bold idea came with its set of constraints.

    1. Time & Resource Constraints
    Building a technical assessment program from scratch was simply out of the question.

    2. Scale & Functionality Constraints
    They did consider existing certificate application solutions, but not one offered the sophistication, scale and functionality to match their
    global and enterprise-grade needs.

    However, with a sense of pride on their backs, key strategists of the company refused the deterrents. All in all, the customer experience optimization software company wanted to turn their community into not merely a marketing strategy, but a business strategy. And thus, the search began to find anything that would catalyse the birth of their business strategy.


    In 1983, Harley-Davidson faced certain extinction. Fast forward twenty-five years, and the company now boasts a top-50 global brand value of $7.8 Billion.  Central to the company’s turnaround, and its success, was the American motorcycle company’s commitment to building a brand community.  However, in a world enabled by Web 2.0 technologies, they refused to wait twenty-five years for their efforts to bear fruition. It’s true that communities require an engineered growth, but would anyone want to refuse legitimate growth at an accelerated pace? A catalyst.

    The ingredients to the Mettl catalyst included:

    1. Online Assessment & Testing Platform
    It offered the integrated functionality, scientific foundation and brand aesthetics they so strongly desired; an essentiality to maintain consistent user experience across its online properties.

    2. Advanced Web Proctoring Platform
    In evaluating Mettl as a partner, this company was largely impressed with the former’s advanced web proctoring platform, which remotely authenticated users, prevented cheating, impersonation, and any other activities of the kind – cases that would compromise the integrity of any assessment.

    3. The Mettl Simulator
    Mettl’s front-end simulator could help assess candidates with their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills among others through a customizable, hands-on coding application. Additionally, the simulator was powerful enough to test candidates on the company's technology as well.

    However, at the end of the day, a catalysis is only about as good as the growth it's driven. That’s the most important part, rather – interesting part.


    Mettl’s innovative technology helped them create and launch an intuitive, user-friendly platform in no time at all.
    This included:

    1. API Integration & Whitelabeling
    An API that offered the latter branding flexibility to match the look-and-feel of their website.

    2. Significantly Reduced Time & Cost
    Mettl’s remote proctoring technology eliminated the time and cost required to set up physical test centres, making the certification available to candidates anywhere on a global scale.

    Since its inception on April 17, 2014 their Certificate Program has attracted a steady stream of participants from the United States, Netherlands, India, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Turkey among many others.

    Certifications Annually: 4500

    Annual Reach :  4,700,000

    The Home Stretch for Greatness

    Rolex often asks in some of their most famous commercials, “When is Greatness Achieved?” A powerful question that certainly deserves some thought.

    Hot from its successful launch, they began work on Phase II almost immediately. Phase II would look to introduce developer certifications, which will assess an individual’s ability to conduct complex experiments, implement APIs, and the know-how technical nuances of running these experiments. The project would leverage on Mettl’s Front-End Programming Simulator for a hands-on skills assessment, ensuring certified developers are truly proficient in the implementation of live projects. Now, to answer the Rolex question. It’s when you keep asking yourself, ‘What’s Next?’

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