Competency Led Talent Management

Identifying people capability across the organization and selecting high performers.

Industry/Use Case


    • An Indian Multi-National Company with presence in over 60 countries. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of air-coolers, industrial air coolers.
    • The organization was looking for a partner who can help them identify people capability across the organization and select high performers.


    • The firm faced the challenge of lack of scientific mechanism to identify high potential, training needs and succession pipeline Existing Talent Management was purely performance driven.
    • Internally, there was a need to increase awareness regarding the importance of employee potential assessment and the impact it can have on future performance of the organization.


    • Mettl proposed systematic competency mapping exercise for leadership followed by roles and levels across the organization. Visionary interviews along with department-wise, role-wise FGDs were conducted to deep dive into all the functions, levels and the critical competencies driving performance and success.
    • Mettl identified critical/ differentiating competencies for each function and levels to build a systematic succession pipeline. Also, sensing exercise helped uncover what worked well in the past and what is needed keeping future vision in perspective.
    • Assessment batteries comprising of Personality, behavioural and cognitive tools with different levels of complexity were deployed to assess the competencies.


    • Individual reports with Individual Development Plans were shared followed by group analytics.
    • Higher buy-in from internal stakeholders to understand the importance of assessing potential along with performance.
    • Internal performance evaluation was backed by a reliable-valid objective assessment tool to unleash potential, thus making it easier for the organization to then identify a 9 box grid for each department internally.
    • The company was also able to set up benchmarks for future hiring.