Critical Recruitment for Leadership Position

Hiring an Associate Director in finance vertical with critical competency requirments.

Industry/Use Case


    • The company serves investors across the globe outside of North America. With 7,600 employees over 26 countries, the firm has a reputation as the world’s most successful long-term investment manager with about 2,800 employees based out of India facility.
    • The company aimed at hiring Associate Director in finance vertical requiring critical competencies.


    • While the company aimed at hiring critical resources in a short time span, they were unable to identify the right leadership talent through their existing assessment process.
    • Were looking for cultural fitment of the candidates to identify critical resources and potential leaders.
    • The company required an assessment which could test theoretical knowledge, hands-on skills and behavioral competencies.


    • The suite administered possessed a combination of Mettl Domain Assessment Battery, Personality Tools and Behavioral assessments along with customized functional content.
    • Considering the criticality of the desired role, 6 key competencies were identified as per their hiring needs and behavioral indicators were proposed against the same.
    • We administered Situation Judgement Questions and Caselets to assess behavioral fitment and cultural synergies between prospective employee and organization.


    • The company was able to hire 2 critical resources for the above-mentioned profiles.
    • Owing to relevant candidate filtration, the company was able to save interviewer’s time as compared to the earlier hiring process by implementing new benchmarks suggested by Mettl.
    • The company was able to create competency benchmarking for future leadership positions as well in order to hire culturally fit and aligned future leaders.