Interview Free Campus Hiring

Understanding behavioral competencies of prospective campus recruits.

Industry/Use Case


    • Global Technology consulting and digital solutions company with operations in 27 countries with 39 facilities. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company is helping 300 clients across country.
    • The company wanted to check the behavioral competencies of their prospective campus recruits and revamp their existing recruitment process.


    • Though the company was able to check the technical capabilities of the candidates through multiple interviews, they were unable to check the behavioral aspects such as Trustworthiness, Emotion regulation, Drive, Teamwork, Customer service and overall readiness of campus recruits.
    • The company also wanted to go interview less and to gauge the behavioral aspects of the candidates in addition to technical competencies and skill sets.


    • Since the problem encompassed two aspects i.e. assessing candidates on technical capabilities along with behavioral competencies, combination of Mettl tools were used here.
    • Tools used for Behavioral competencies – Mettl Psychometric Assessment Battery, Cognitive Tools (Aptitude – Numerical. Logical Ability and Verbal Ability).
    • Tools used for Technical Capability Assessment -Tech MCQ, Coding Simulators (Coding and SQL), Writing Simulator
    • In order to eliminate the interview round, a set of assessments to check candidate’s technical knowledge, coding abilities and learning agility was administered.


    • The company was able to achieve interview free hiring as they had deployed assessments for candidature assessment.
    • The company has been screening about 30k candidates every year. The assessment battery administered helped them in saving considerable time as they no longer had to conduct multiple technical rounds, thus eliminating manual intervention
    • The process also gave them a clear insights around candidate fitment on various behavioral aspects.
    • The assessment also benefitted the organization in finding out the potential training areas of the new hires.