Online Contest for Campus Hiring

Hiring diverse candidates from technology & business schools across the nation.

Industry/Use Case


    • American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies
    • The company is committed to gender equality throughout the year and on the account of International Women’s day, they wanted to hire diverse candidates from technology & business schools across the nation.


    • The company known for their continuous innovation wanted a unique solution that could support them with their requirement in conducting the online event.
    • The company was faced with the challenge of attracting , hiring and integrating the best student talent across diverse backgrounds from all over the nation.
    • The end-to-end execution of the entire event and managing the online contest simultaneously and this posed another challenge to the company.


    • Based on the understanding of the requirements, Mettl Hackathon platform was proposed to conduct the event with the objective of diversity hiring for Software Development Engineer, Cloud Support Associate, Operations Manager and Senior Program Manager.
    • Online assessment followed by face to face interview was administered to candidates.
    • The event was conceptualized using the state-of-the-art simulator and was promoted via different social media channels and had a dedicated landing page which described further about the role and work culture within the company.


    • The company was able to successfully host a diversity hiring event for Women in Technology and Business Schools.
    • About 6,500 candidates registered for the online competition from multiple Tier 1 Tech and Business Schools within India,
    • The firm was able to hire women candidates and improve their female to male employee ratio and emerged as a brand that strongly stands for women equality.
    • They also promoted a social cause of Women equality on account of World’s women day.