Quantifying Role Specific Competencies

A scientific methodology to quantify role specific competencies for better hiring decisions.

Industry/Use Case


    • The company has been serving Indian consumer with a range of fresh, nutritious and flavour-rich products. leading food company in India with over Rs. 6000 crores in revenues, delivering products in over 5 categories through 3.5 million retail outlets to more than half the Indian population
    • The company wanted to use a scientific methodology to quantify role specific competencies for better hiring decisions of Front-Line Sales workforce


    • The company wanted to hire the right fit candidates as their front-line sales executives who act as representatives of the brand directly.
    • The FMCG giant also wanted to measure and establish correlation of knowledge of an individual with their performance at the organization.
    • They wanted the assessment to be completely customized for the FMCG industry.


    • The competency framework was mapped to Mettl’s suite of offerings and most relevant tools suggested were Mettl Personality Profiler, Mettl Motivation Inventory, Situational Judgement Questions, Mettl Cognitive and Domain Assessment Battery.
    • Custom content curation was done which was further validated by the top management and company HRs. This was followed by Internal Benchmarking and Predictive Validation of 580 employees. The tool was curated in a manner that it targeted FMCG industry jobs and Sales workforce.
    • Upon a successful pilot, the tool was then rolled out for the hiring process of Area Sales Executives was administered to ~ 300 candidates


    • Since the tool was benchmarked within the Area Sales Executives and Senior Executives of the company, it made the candidate filtration criteria far more stringent and helped improve the current hiring ratio to 29%.
    • The company was able to filter out 30 candidates from the entire pool who were able to clear benchmarks of all competencies whereas the ratio of candidates meeting overall benchmarks was 50% from the entire pool.
    • The company was also able to establish a “Hero Profile” encompassing educational qualification, Previous industry and years of experience, for the above-mentioned job roles based on the hiring trend insights shared by us.