Succession Planning for Sales Managers

Revamping existing employee evaluation framework for all organizational promotions and succession planning processes.

Industry/Use Case


    • India’s global company with interest in chemicals, crop nutrition and consumer products headquartered in Mumbai. One of the largest chemical companies in India with significant operations in India and Africa with 4000 employees in Mumbai.
    • The company aimed at revamping their existing employee evaluation framework, using a scientific tool for all organizational promotions and succession planning process.


    • Lack of an objective method to conduct employee evaluation and take scientific calls for critical decisions of Succession planning. This posed as the biggest challenge for the organization.
    • The current process relied heavily on manager’s feedback and thus is prone to manager’s biasness towards a candidate. Most of the times, no specific reasons were given by managers for identified successors.


    • Development Center was proposed to identify and groom high potential employees to take on higher responsibilities.
    • Custom Assessment Battery was curated using Personality, Cognitive and Domain tools was administered to 61 candidates from 2 levels across 4 zones.
    • Tools used in the Development Center: Personality Inventory, SJT, Caselets, Cognitive Ability Test, Domain Ability (MCQs and Simulator Based Test)
    • Group performance was analyzed, and areas of development and strengths were identified.


    • The exercise helped compare the two levels within the organization i.e. TSI II and TSI III where TSI III included workforce with higher work experience and educational background.
    • Based on Assessment Center finding on the set competency matrix, TSI II level candidates were performing better than TSI III for most of the competencies.
    • Post the completion, the firm was able to identify High level training interventions required for 3 competencies in TSI II and 2 competencies in TSI III.
    • The exercise also segregated potentially fit candidates for Succession Planning for ASM profile.