A Digital Campus Drive

Data-driven hiring drives to hire right candidates from the right campus with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    Present in India since 1953, this group works in defense, aerospace, space, transportation and security by providing its customers tools they need to perform critical tasks. This group has been partners with Indian Armed forces for long, and is active in the civil sector in both the aerospace, security and ground transportation markets. In India, it has its headquarters in New Delhi, and has 300 employees.


    There was a wide range of issues that came up when the company decided to undertake its very first campus recruitment drive, in order to include fresh talent into their organization.

    1. Clarity in the recruitment process
    Since it was their first campus recruitment process, there was no clarity regarding which college’s fresher and of how many colleges are to be evaluated? Or how many college students should be evaluated? What should be the precise quality of student that should be hired who would fit into the company’s culture and work profile?

    2. Assessments
    The next problem arose when it came to assessments. First, the company was uncertain of the right type of assessment which would help them find the most appropriate candidate for their company. Secondly, the choice between the traditional pen and paper and an online assessment. However, for the second the unavailability of an online platform, posed another issue.

    3. Evaluation
    Other than requiring quick and efficient evaluation, there was a need for deciding the benchmark/cut off which that would be help the company hire the candidate with the right abilities and skill set.


    Mettl guided the company through its campus recruitment drive, by providing the solution to the major issues they faced

    1. A More Articulate Plan
    Mettl helped by formulating a plan for their campus recruitment drive. Mettl provided, with an estimate of how many fresher, how many colleges should be evaluated and the quality of students they should hire for persistent business growth by analyzing the requirement of the company. The company finally, decided on conducting assessments in three campuses across Bangalore, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad.

    2. Assessment Solution
    Mettl’s content team helped in solving the second problem faced by the company of choosing the right assessment for hiring the right candidate. After analyzing the requirement of every job profile and the company, Mettl decided to advise the company to utilize Mettl’s aptitude test, customized to the requirement of the specific skill set required for the job position. Moreover, Mettl’s safe and secure online platform for conducting assessments made the companies decision a no-brainer between an online assessment and a traditional pen and paper assessment.

    3. Effective Evaluation
    Analysing the requirement of the company, it was easier to help the company set a benchmark/ cut off for assessments, which would provide them the right candidate with the correct level of skill set.


    1. Out of 500 candidates who appeared for the assessment, 50+ candidates were shortlisted and 20 were selected. (tentative)
    2. Mettl’s planning for the company helped them in focusing on the most appropriate colleges and an appropriate number of candidates who should be assessed for hiring the right talent.
    3. The choice of Mettl’s aptitude test, assisted in measuring the right set of skills and capabilities of candidates required by the company’s specific job role.
    4. The decision of setting cut-offs helped in placing the correct benchmark of abilities, required for the candidate to be suitable for the job.
    5. A cost-time effective recruitment, benefited the company by helping them focus on the core task of the company.




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