Data Driven Hiring for a Telecom Giant

How they filtered out applicants based on their predicted performance with Mettl.

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    Headquartered in London and spread across 30+ countries, this telecom superhero has come a long way since their first call in the year of 1985. Empowered by a 110,000-strong workforce, the company is often hailed as one of the top 5 global telecommunication companies in the world.

    Established in the 1980s, it provides telecommunication and IT services to many well-known corporate clients across the world, in addition to its 400-million strong customer base. The company predominantly operates various telecom services in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

    Always at the forefront of mobile and telecommunication technology, the company was the first to introduce international roaming, and set new standards for the telecom industry with innovative applications like money transfer over phones, and ultra-fast internet access on the move.


    The company was looking for suitable applicants to fill its position of sales manager. A large part of the company’s sales is driven by sales managers, and one bad hire could cost them several valuable business opportunities.
    The problems of the company were three-fold:

    1. Finding a smart resume filter that can take complex demographic data about the job into consideration, while eliminating the logistical nightmares of manual sorting.  

    2. Identifying critical competencies to predict performance better

    3. Analysing the performance metrics of employees across various demographics and work factors.

    The generic resume filters can only handle so many conditions before they start erroring out, filtering out more candidates than required, or not at all. They had to find a robust solution soon; one that considered all the complex requirements while choosing the potentially good hires out of the pool of applicants.  

    And so, their search began.



    The telecom giant wanted a solution which was robust, secure, and trustworthy (read: guided by data, and not intuition or basic algorithms), and that could differentiate the good hires from the bad ones. In other words, HeRo had to find its Jarvis, quickly.

    To learn how to separate the good apples from the bad ones, the organisation built a competency blueprint of their prospective hires by administering a pre-built assessment on their existing employees. The building blocks of the evaluation process used by the company to create a perfect employee persona were:

    1. Mettl Personality Profiler The Mind Of Jarvis

    The Mettl Personality Profiler is an assessment tool useful for measuring behaviors required to be successful on the job. While it is mainly used as a filtration tool, it can also be used as key input into critical HR decisions such as promotion, high potential identification, identification of training and development needs of individual employees among other things.
    The tool measures 26 personality traits and a combination of these traits provide inputs on an individual’s performance on various competencies.

    2. Customer Focus Test The Memory Of Jarvis

    Mettl's Customer Focus Assessment tries to solve this problem with an innovative test that measures customer orientation and a customer-centric personality through 11 competencies. This test outlines the areas of development and red flags, if any, in a person's focus on the customer so that appropriate training needs can be identified.

    3. Mettl Critical Thinking Test The Brain Of Jarvis

    The Critical Thinking Ability Test is designed to assess candidates on three areas - Recognition of Assumptions, Evaluation of Arguments, and Drawing Conclusions which constitutes - Deduction, Inference and Interpretation. The candidates were given different situations and statements to evaluate them on different skills. The test was timed to check the speed and accuracy of candidates on reaching conclusions.

    This helped them an accurate profile of who they wanted to hire, complete with a representation of personality, aptitude, and decision-making ability.

    The process was done by Predictive Validation, a gamut of operations to determine the accuracy at which the result of the personality profiling test predicts scores on some criterion measure.

    The response style of the personality profiling test was recorded to check for genuine responses. It measured aspects like the social desirability, acquiescence, extraversion and central tendency.

    After studying the responses of all existing employees across a versatile demographic, logic and correlation was established which could now be used on all future potential employees to figure out if they were good hires for the company.


    Mettl was successfully able to satisfy the objectives of the company, and generate a comprehensive report about the performance of the employees, linking it to the assessment scores.
    The primary objectives that were fulfilled were

    Faster, Smarter Resume Filtering

    As the smart filter eliminated the logistical hassles involved with manual resume sorting, the speed and efficiency of the HR team also increased, thus allowing them to focus on the candidates better suited to the job

    Identifying Probable High Performers

    Mettl’s assessment score has been able to successfully identify the candidates with a high probability of having a great on the job performance, thus drawing a direct correlation between the score attained in the exam to the on-the-job performance.

    Demographic Analysis Report Of Fresh Hires

    A performance analysis report of employees across different demographic and work factors like markets, industry types, hiring channels, work experience, and average tenure has been provided to company. This will enable them to study the performance trends of employees across different factors.

    By using Mettl’s assessment scores to create a distinction between the good hires and the bad hires, the company was successfully able to set up a filter to sift through the entire bunch of resume and find out the best hires. The analysis report of performance based on a bevvy of demographic data also helped the company with some key insights to the on-the-job performance of their employees.

    Would you like to know more about which factors affect on-the-job performance of your employees the most? Would you like to be able to filter the best candidates out of all applicants? We’re just a call away.

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