Effectiveness of Core Competencies

How this company mapped employees to their competency framework with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    Recognized at various global and national forum for innovation, this company is a mobile application building company with a workforce of 40-50 people.


    This company, having a strong set of core competencies*, required a customized psychometric test which fitted into the competency framework of the company. The main objective of the assessments was to observe whether the behaviour of each and every employee indicates and demonstrates the existence of core competencies in them or not. Or in other words are they fit for the organization or not.


    Mettl analysed the challenge and took on two steps to help the company:

    1. Customized Content
    The first step to solve the challenge was to meet the need for customized psychometric content which fitted into the competency framework of the company. Mettl’s content team provided the company with psychometric assessments which were customized according to meet the needs to the company. It specified the set of core competencies followed by the company, in order to give a preeminent picture of how far the core competencies were being carried out by the employees of the organization.

    2. Introduction to Mettl’s Online Platform
    The second and final step to solving the challenge was to introduce the company to Mettl’s online platform. Mettl’s secure online assessments, provided the company with the platform to conduct their assessments with more efficiency and ease. Moreover, the online platform spared the company from undertaking the traditional pen and paper assessments which is an immense time consuming and costly process.


    1. Low cost and less time-consuming assessments which proved to be efficient and secure.
    2. A correct picture of the effectiveness of core competencies in the organization.
    3. Easy and fuss-free assessments by using Mettl’s online assessment platform.
    4. Quick evaluation helped the company in analysing if the company’s human capital is well equipped to meet individual as well as business goals.

    *Core competencies identify behaviour and skill set that all employees are expected to demonstrate in order to achieve business goals and missions.