Reduced Time & Cost of Hiring

Customized assessments to hire the best job role & work culture fits.

Industry/Use Case


    This company is a global IT service company and a fully owned subsidiary of one of the world’s most reputed companies by Forbes magazine and among ‘India’s most valuable companies’ by Business Today.

    They have their headquarters in Bangalore, India and has established a service delivery footprint across more than 140 companies, worldwide. They provide comprehensive solutions through dedicated development centre, offices, delivery centre in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, in addition to two delivery hubs in Bangalore and Kolkata. They provide solutions through vast industry verticals which include; retail, manufacturing, airline, Hi-Tech and so on. 


    While gearing up for their lateral hiring they faced certain challenges which interfered with them accomplishing their goals of hiring the top talent from off-campus hiring while keeping their cost low and time shorter.

    1. Now, the first problem posed before the company was the need for customized and standardized content. There was a need for analyzing the requirements of the company and the kind of candidates who would fit into the work culture of the company, for formalizing the content of the assessments.

    2. The second issue to be solved was the need for a safe and secure platform to conduct the assessments. With the traditional pen and paper assessments which proved to be time-consuming and costly, the company was looking for any platform which would help the company to cut down their costs substantially. 


    Being used for off-campus hiring- fresh as well as lateral hiring and facing these challenges, Mettl got right to work, with the solutions:

    1. Custom Made Assessments

    The first shortcoming was met, by providing customized content to the company by properly analysing the needs of the company and matching it with their competency framework. The new content, helped the company in filtering their potential candidates in an adequate manner which expanded company’s chances of hiring the ‘best’ candidate which would suit the needs of their client companies. Plus, the involvement of client companies, made it essential to reduce their margin of error to the minimum.

    2. Going Online

    The solution to the second challenge was introduction to Mettl’s online platform. The online platform provided a safe and secure environment for the company to conduct their assessments. Making the task of hiring the right candidate from the pool of potential candidates for their own clients easy and effective. 


    Till date this company has utilized 2,000+ customized Mettl assessments for their lateral hiring and are yet to use more. The use of an online platform helped the company in cutting down their cost substantially which they aimed for. Plus, the comfort and the ease with which the company can conduct the assessments, is another advantage which improved the companies functioning.

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