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Explanation of response style:

Genuine: If questions are answered in a sufficiently varied manner.

Social Desirability: If questions are answered in a socially desirable manner for more than 60% of the questions.

Central Tendency: If more than 60% of the questions are answered as ‘neither agree nor disagree’.

Acquiescence: If questions are answered in a ‘strongly agree’ or ‘agree’ manner for more than 60% of the questions.


Agreeableness: You are emotionally very perceptive, empathetic, and altruistic. You form interpersonal relationships very easily as you are willing to give others the benefit of the doubt and are not judgmental. You are popular and well liked by others in the team. You always believe that most people are fair, honest, and have good intentions. You are highly cooperative and are willing to compromise or to deny your own needs in order to get along with others.

Conscientiousness: You strongly adhere to ethics and rules. Always work towards goals in a diligent, confident and ambitious manner. Are highly competitive, have a meticulous and persistent approach to work and are dutiful and can very easily be relied upon.

Openness to Experience: You are highly imaginative and innovative, like to explore new and unconventional ideas at the workplace. Highly appreciate art and natural beauty and are receptive to new perspectives. Are extremely comfortable working with people having different perspectives and are flexible to others’ demands and needs.

Areas of Development


The Calm Coach/The Mentor

Describing you in a few words

• Affectionate
• Charismatic
• Visionary
• Inspirational
• Humorous


As a "Calm Mentor", you are most likely to be driven to implement your vision of what is ideal and best for humanity. You are a people-oriented person and live in the world of people possibilities, and are blessed with excellent people skills. You often act as a catalyst for human growth as you are most likely to have the ability to see potential in others. You are focused towards giving love to others, support them and making them feel good about themselves. You are energetic and driven and are very responsible about your work and duties. You are likely to encounter love and acceptance from other people, you are fun to be with, are straight forward and honest. You tend to exude a lot of self-confidence, and have a great amount of ability to do many different things. You are bright, enthusiastic, energetic and fast paced. You are also likely to deal effectively with pressure by being calm and composed and not getting discouraged by setbacks, putting sufficient effort to ensure timely and efficient completion of tasks. Likely to remain optimistic and not give up even if unsuccessful in some tasks/work assignments. Can actively cope with workplace stress. In a nutshell, you are able to level emotions, not easily discouraged, optimistic, unconventional, trusting, take on responsibilities proactively, like public speaking, not prone to worrying, adaptive, calm in crisis situations, high on energy level, not too skeptical and believe in helping others to reach their maximum potential.

Your Strengths

• You are likely to be very charismatic, you are popular and are a people's person. You are pro at attracting others and communicating with them efficiently.
• You are altruistic, warm and selfless.
• It comes naturally to you to notice what motivates, drives and worries people and you can easily adjust your own manners and arguments accordingly.
• Likely to be a natural leader, can empathize with others, understand them well and being a mentor.
• Open-minded, accepting, willing to consider opposing ideas and can get along with almost everyone.

Culture/Environment Fit

• Where the work itself is personally meaningful and has value.
• The work moves at rapid, fast and swift speed.
• The work is action oriented and provides for a wide variety of activities rather than being highly focused on a few tasks.
• Where the work involves creativity, imagination and an unconventional approach to problem solving.
• Where you get clear expectations from others and there is a system that recognizes your contributions and let you grow and develop personally and professionally into leadership roles.

You contribute by

• Offering compassionate attention to interpersonal needs.
• Appreciating everyone's opinion so that every voice is heard.
• Providing warmth, respecting diversity and being sensitive to people's needs.
• Encouraging and energizing team members by fostering organizational values and their importance to the team.
• Creating a clear organizational structure that utilizes the resources of all team members.

Challenges/Potential Blind Points

• May be selfless at times, taking on too much work or get overtly involved in others' problems.
• May delay in taking actions as likely to be too altruistic and sensitive, may waver between different viewpoints, not able to stop thinking about all the possible consequences.
• May have a tendency to be smothering and over-protective.
• May not pay enough attention to your own needs.
• May become bored with repetitious, mundane and routine tasks.

You may put off others by

• Spending much time talking from personal perspective.
• Being unwilling to disagree when it might compromise loyalty or harmony.
• Seeking absolute consensus, wanting everyone to get along even when someone is not agreeable.
• Being too positive in general and in particular about people.
• Helping too much to point it becomes interfering.

You may get put off by people who

• Are overly skeptical or critical.
• Fail to acknowledge the importance of social protocols in the communication process.
• Are competitive or argumentative or who fail to collaborate.
• Do not show their commitment to team values and team goals.
• Are unprepared or uncommitted to team ideals, values, plans and structures.

Can maximize effectiveness by

• Showing professional commitment to the team through focusing on the task at hand.
• Realizing that disagreement need not signal disrespect and may be beneficial.
• Recognizing that while ideally everyone should get along, this is not always necessary.
• Practicing detachment and objectivity and letting others make their own mistakes and learn.
• Delegating work and giving others the opportunity to have developmental experiences.

Most Popular Occupations for your Type

• Politician
• Career Counselor
• Novelist
• Program Designer
• Social Worker
• Public Relations Manager
• Nonprofit Director
• Sales Trainer
• Psychologist
• Sales Manager
• Human Resources
• Motivational Trainer/Life Coach
• Mental Health Counselor
• Teacher
• Social Scientist
• Actor/Actress
• Advertising Sales Executive
• Entertainer/Musician
• Graphics Designer
• Marketing Manager
• Educational Consultant
• Occupational Therapist
• Psychodrama Therapist

Famous Personalities

• Martin Luther King, Jr. (U.S. civil rights activist)
• Nelson Mandela (President of South Africa and civil rights activist)
• Daniel Goleman (Science popularizer and author of 'Emotional Intelligence')
• Alfred Adler (Psychologist)
• Oprah Winfrey (Talk show host)
• Morgan Freeman (Actor)
• Kate Winslet (Actress)
• Emma Stone (Actress)

Personality Factors
Values shown in above chart are percentiles
Very Low Low Moderate High Very High
Extraversion: High

Likely to be cheerful and amiable. Enjoys working and interacting with other people. Uses assertiveness and persuasion to achieve goals and expresses opinions strongly. Likely to be comfortable with meetings and stimulation and enjoys working in tasks that involve risk taking.

Agreeableness: Very High

Easily trusts others and is very frank and straightforward when with other people. Highly sympathetic towards others and derives satisfaction from helping the needy. Tends to be very agreeable and accepting and will work efficiently in a group. Unlikely to boast about own achievements. May come across as a humble, cooperative and submissive individual.

Conscientiousness: Very High

Likely to strictly adhere to ethics and rules. Works towards goals in a highly diligent, confident and ambitious manner. Enjoys a competitive environment and strives for perfection. Has a highly meticulous and persistent approach to work and cautiously thinks through decisions. Extremely likely to work hard to attain goals and invests a lot of effort in attaining goals and achieving significant results in all tasks.

Emotional Stability: High

Likely to handle workplace stress in a calm, steady and secure way. Has an optimistic outlook and does not get frustrated or irritated easily. Can resist impulses and does not act on the spur of the moment. Likely to be secure in one's abilities and may be perceived as being easy going and relaxed, even when dealing with critical situations.

Openness to Experience: Very High

Likely to be highly imaginative and innovative, exploring new and unconventional ideas at the workplace. Likely to be highly appreciative of artistic and natural beauty and is receptive to new perspectives. Is strongly attuned to one's own and others' emotions, decision-making is likely to be influenced by feelings. Has an extremely flexible approach to work and can easily adjust to constraints. Is highly comfortable working with people having different perspectives and is very flexible to others’ demands and needs.

Behavior Coordinates



E+A-: Leader

Enjoy large social gatherings, seeing them as an opportunity to prove oneself and believe that one is well suited for decision making. Boastful, like to take a lead and direct others, but know how to get things done.

E+A+: Welcomer

Sociable and enthusiastic. Amiable, sympathetic and willing to help others and share one’s own ideas with others. Sincerely enjoys the company of others, and easily get along with others.

E-A-: Competitor

Skeptical and wary of others. Prefer working alone and minimum interaction with others. When interacting with such a person, it is wise to allow them the space they feel they need.

E-A+: The Unassuming

Modest, trusting and self-effacing. Prefer being alone, but are sympathetic and helpful towards others.


*Extraversion (percentile: 68.21192053) on vertical axis, Agreeableness (percentile: 99.383641512577) on horizontal axis



E+C-: Fun- loving

Energetic, adventurous and happy-go-lucky. Spontaneous and act on the spur of the moment, constantly looking for thrill and fun.

E+C+: Go-Getter

Ambitious and assertive, productive and efficient. Work with zeal and is precise in one’s approach to work. May seem pushy if trying to impose one’s style on others.

E-C-: Lethargic

Not highly ambitious and enthusiastic. Rarely take initiative and lack the required motivation to complete tasks. Only act when under pressure.

E-C+: Plodder/ Slow but effortful

Methodical and serious. Concentrate on tasks at hand, working at a slow and steady pace. Can be counted on to finish tasks at hand, but can’t be pushed to work faster.


*Extraversion (percentile: 68.21192053) on vertical axis, Conscientiousness (percentile: 90.72847682) on horizontal axis



E+N-: Highly Emotional

Experience both positive and negative emotions, rapidly shifting between the two. Get easily carried away by feelings leading to disturbed interpersonal relationships.

E+N+: Optimist

Cheerful, not bothered by problems and enjoy life to the fullest. Can cope with problems effectively and focus more towards the future.

E-N-: Pessimist

Lead a gloomy, sad and dark life, with a little that makes them happy. Unable to cope with stressful circumstances.

E-N+: Low-Keyed

Emotionally stable but indifferent to people and events around them, nothing having much effect on them. Interpersonal relations may suffer due to this coldness.


*Extraversion (percentile: 68.21192053) on vertical axis, Emotional Stability (percentile: 79.47019868) on horizontal axis



E+O-: Mainstream Consumer

Verbose and enjoys large parties, sports and events where one gets an opportunity for social interaction. Prefers working on simple tasks rather than those which involve originality and innovation.

E+O+: Creative Interactor

Tenacious, eloquent and have wide and unconventional interests, who enjoys exploring new ideas and likes sharing it with others. Enjoys public speaking, group discussions, and interaction with people from different backgrounds.

E-O-: Homebodies

Less imaginative, less inquisitive, and unadventurous. Prefers to work individually or with a small group. Their vocational interests may include mechanical or domestic work.

E-O+: Introspector

Introspective and thoughtful, prefers activities which involve originality, creativity and challenge, but which can be pursued alone. Likely to get fascinated by music, painting, reading, etc. They prefer occupations that provide both challenge and privacy.


*Extraversion (percentile: 68.21192053) on vertical axis, Openness to Experience (percentile: 86.75496689) on horizontal axis



A+C-: Well-intentioned

Helpful, sympathetic and concerned for others. But likely to be less methodical and persistent, and may have trouble in carrying out one’s plans successfully. Likely to impress others by generosity and kindness. Values kindness and charity.

A+C+: Effective Altruist

Courteous, self-disciplined, considerate, and reliable. May work hard for the welfare and benefit of the group, overlooking one’s own interests. May take up an uninteresting task, and persists till it is finished. Values duty, achievement and work.

A-C-: Undistinguised

Quite concerned about one’s own comforts and pleasure than the well-being of others. Less likely to be strong-willed and may sometimes submit to unsuitable habits and acts. Values play and fun.

A-C+: Self-Promoter

Has a focused single-minded pursuit of one’s interests, needs and goals. May mostly give priority to one’s own needs and interests and diligently pursue till they are attained. Values competition and success.


*Agreeableness (percentile: 99.383641512577) on vertical axis, Conscientiousness (percentile: 90.72847682) on horizontal axis



A+N-: Emotionally Agile

Opinionated, self-justifying and likely to be temperamental. May take offense, and later express these feelings at a suitable occasion. Likely to manipulate at work while handling interpersonal relationships as and when needed.

A+N+: Emotionally Mature

Optimistic and tolerant of stressful situations. May not express one’s negative feelings, anger and hostility to others, with a fear of offending others. Anger and aggression may not be directed towards others.

A-N-: Uncompassionate

Unwavering, and less affectionate towards others. May have quite less control over one’s emotions and express it out, without being considerate of the impact it has on others.

A-N+: Easy Going

Emotionally sensitive, but easy-going towards stressful events. May not express, rather suppresses negative emotions. Believes in the principle of ‘forgive and forget’. When faced with a conflicting situation within the group, tries to work towards a common ground.


*Agreeableness (percentile: 99.383641512577) on vertical axis, Emotional Stability (percentile: 79.47019868) on horizontal axis



A+O-: Traditionalist

Respectful and submissive with a desire to please others. Strong believer and follower of societal norms and established rules and sees them as being necessary for everyone.

A+O+: Progressive

Take a systematic and thoughtful approach to work as well as social problems and are willing try out new solutions. Believe in being rational and reasonable in their approach to work.

A-O-: Believer

Skeptical about others, may follow a strict and tough approach towards social problems. Have firm and rigid beliefs about personal and social morality and rules.

A-O+: Thinker

Critical thinkers, not likely to be affected by traditions or sentiments. May not be considerate of others’ feelings in pursuing one’s own beliefs.


*Agreeableness (percentile: 99.383641512577) on vertical axis, Openness to Experience (percentile: 86.75496689) on horizontal axis



C+N-: Over controlled

Practical, meticulous and detail-oriented. Has a strong urge of self-control, and is able to handle distress in a balanced manner. Sometimes may set unrealistic goals, and is susceptible to obsessions.

C+N+: Directed

Perfectionist and directed. Has a clear sense of one’s goals, pursue them even under unfavorable circumstances. Unlikely to deter from one’s plans and takes setbacks and frustrations in stride.

C-N-: Under controlled

Informal and quite impulsive. Unlikely to resist one’s urges and desires, and may sometimes regret one’s actions later. Susceptible to getting involved in undesirable behavior.

C-N+: Relaxed

Habitual, may not always be very meticulous, and sometimes not predictable. Likely to look for an easy way to exert control over one’s behavior. May require to be pushed to undertake tasks involving additional efforts.


*Conscientiousness (percentile: 90.72847682) on vertical axis, Emotional Stability (percentile: 79.47019868) on horizontal axis



C+O-: By-the-Book

Conventional, methodical, and diligent. Prefers to follow step-by-step instructions for a task. Likely to find it difficult to handle tasks that demand innovativeness and abstractedness. Has a high need for structure and closure.

C+O+: Good student

Industrious, and perfectionist, with a strong desire to excel. Is often creative and original in problem solving. Likely to be academically intelligent and diligent, and is a good learner.

C-O-: Reluctant Scholar

Not quite methodical, may not be very reasonable and likely to focus more on short term goals. May need extrinsic motivation to take up a new task, and help to organize one’s work and to schedule one’s work.

C-O+: Dreamer

Unconventional, imaginative and a day-dreamer. Busting with innovative ideas and likely to develop elaborations out of it, but may sometimes gets engrossed in fantasy. May tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity at work.


*Conscientiousness (percentile: 90.72847682) on vertical axis, Openness to Experience (percentile: 86.75496689) on horizontal axis



N+O-: Hyposensitive

Rarely experience negative emotions. Focus on concrete action to deal with threats rather than just dwelling and worrying about it.

N+O+: Adaptive

Aware of stressors and threat, but use these situations as a source of creative inspiration. Deal with problems actively and intelligently.

N-O-: Maladaptive

Refuse to think about distressing events. Resort to maladaptive responses, like denial, repression etc, when dealing with threat.

N-O+: Hypersensitive

Hypersensitive, alert to danger and misfortunes. Prone to odd and eccentric ideas due to their creative and unusual thinking.


*Emotional Stability (percentile: 79.47019868) on vertical axis, Openness to Experience (percentile: 86.75496689) on horizontal axis

Test Log
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Disclaimer for Personality / Interest test

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