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Explanation of response style:

Genuine: No concerns or red flags just based on response style of candidate.

Social Desirability: If more than 75% of the questions are answered in a manner that indicates an attempt to appear in a falsely positive light or seem ‘socially desirable’.

Extreme Responding: If more than 75% of the questions are answered in a manner that indicates that an individual agrees with the statements at the lower and higher end consistently.

Central Tendency: If the middle response (‘neutral’) is selected more than 30% of the time.

Careless Responding: If more than 95% of the responses selected are from the same direction (i.e. if the candidate selected ‘most like me’ or ‘like me’ from the right-side statement or from the left-side statement alone).

What to expect from this assessment
• 	Identify and explore the most suitable careers in management in order to get started in your career path in the right direction
• 	Select the right career path after graduation in management
• 	Assess natural inclination for further studies and future jobs
• 	Target opportunities that match personality, interests, and cognitive skills
Top Ideal Career for You

Banking and Finance: Recommended

Sales: Recommended

Supply Chain Management and Operations: Recommended

Values shown in above chart are sten scores
Low Moderate High
Supply Chain Management and Operations: High

Likely to be interested in knowing about the stages that take place from collecting resources to the completion of the final product/service. May like to plan and organize things systematically, and manage time effectively. Likely to be interested in coordinating and following up with others.

Marketing: Moderate

Somewhat likely to be interested in exploring the mindset of customers and understanding what drives their purchasing behaviour. May be somewhat interested in knowing about different marketing campaigns that can be used to attract more customers. May sometimes like to create strategies and action plans to advertise a product/service.

Entrepreneurship: Moderate

Moderately likely to be interested in designing, launching and running one's own business. May sometimes enjoy thinking of new and innovative ideas. May be somewhat interested in planning and managing risks while implementing one's ideas.

Human Resources: Moderate

May be somewhat interested in encouraging people to work to their highest potential by enabling them to develop their skills and abilities. May be moderately interested in listening to others' queries/problems and offering help.

International Business: Low

May not be very interested in working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Not very likely to be interested in knowing how the business runs on a global level and may rarely enjoy following world news.

Banking and Finance: High

Likely to be interested in international finance market and may keep oneself updated about share market and financial trends. Likely to enjoy predicting about financial risks and returns.

Information Technology: Moderate

Moderately likely to be interested in keeping oneself updated about changes and advancement in technology. May occasionally enjoy spending time working on computers.

Sales: High

Likely to enjoy persuading, negotiating, and storytelling while closing deals. May often enjoy networking and building new contacts and relationships.

Corporate Strategy: Low

Less likely to be interested in planning and creating strategies that may help organizations deal effectively with the competition and growth in the industry. May not always enjoy knowing about industrial and market trends and innovations.

This recommendation is basis your Personality, Interest, and Cognitive skills
Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance includes financial planning, loan processing, and asset management. There are various disciplines associated with Banking and Finance such as costing, budgeting, International finance, capital management, money and capital markets, etc. One needs to have an analytical and logical approach to problem-solving, numerical reasoning, and commercial awareness to excel in this area and also the ability to capture every minute detail. It also demands certain personality attributes; one needs to be organized and be able to think through their decisions and options carefully and practice good business ethics while working.

Career Paths

• Investment Banking
• Investment Management (Portfolio Management and Securities Analysis)
• Private Equity Investment (Including Venture Capital, Stock broking and Mutual funds )
• Securities Trading
• Tax Analysis
• Insurance


Sales is concerned with selling of goods and services to people. Sales make up the core of every profitable business, no matter what kind of service or product it produces. People in this field work towards facilitating the process of sales and increasing sales; this usually involves identification of potential customers, presentation, and demonstration of the product/service, handling objections and closing the sale, while also ensuring and monitoring customer satisfaction. The activities mentioned above require a person to possess good communication skills and influencing skills to be able to present a pitch that would win over customers. One needs to be good at evaluating and finalising solutions. It requires a person to be creative and assertive while presenting products/services. One also needs to be confident while interacting with others and be able to perform optimally despite stressful conditions.

Career Paths

• Sales and Sales Management
• Institutional Security Sales
• Inside Sales
• Sales Operations

Supply Chain Management and Operations

SCM and Operations deals with material and production management, logistics management, shop floor management, and operations management etc. In supply chain management, people ensure that goods and services get into the hands of consumers in a timely manner. Operations involve overseeing the production of goods and services. People working in Operations ensure that an organisation is running as smoothly as it possibly can. One requires to have excellent people skills and negotiating skills to excel in this area. Detail orientation and effective planning skills are a necessity for such kind of jobs. One also requires to be able to identify ways and means to solve various problems that come up as a challenge in any job/task. An organized and scheduled approach to work is also a requirement to successfully work in this area.

Career Paths

• Production and Operations Management
• Operations Analysis
• Operations Scheduling and Control
• Supply Chain Analysis/Management
• Warehouse Operations

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