Assessment for Cabin Crew

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How to Interpret the Report?
When interpreting the results, it is important to remember that the scores are not good or bad, only more or less appropriate to certain types of work. Since the results are based on one's own view of behavior, the accuracy of the results depends upon both honesty and self-awareness while taking the test.

This assessment measures work-relevant personality traits that might be manifested in work behaviour and therefore influence success on the job. To best use this report:

1. Review the overall recommendation first. Based on your need, you might want to prioritize candidates who are ‘recommended', followed by those who are ‘cautiously recommended’.
2. If you’re choosing among different candidates within the same band of recommendation, review the competencies’ results. Focus on the competencies you believe are critical for success in the role you’re hiring for, and use those scores to help you prioritize which candidates to select for the next step.
3. Remember: This assessment is just one piece of the puzzle. While hiring, it is recommended that you review other information as well – functional and job knowledge, background and past behaviour (e.g. using structured behavioural interviews), reference checks, etc. in addition to the personality assessment.
Response Style: Genuine

Explanation of response style:

Genuine: No concerns or red flags just based on response style of candidate

Social Desirability: If more than 75% of the questions are answered in a manner that indicates an attempt to appear in a falsely positive light or seem ‘socially desirable’.

Extreme Responding: If more than 75% of the questions are answered in a manner that indicates that an individual agrees with the statements at the lower and higher end consistently.

Central Tendency: If the middle response (‘neutral’) is selected more than 30% of the time.

Careless Responding: If more than 95% of the responses selected are from the same direction (i.e. if the candidate selected ‘most like me’ or ‘like me’ from the right-side statement or from the left-side statement alone).

Recommendation Based on Cognitive Competencies

Highly Recommended

The candidate is very likely to communicate information clearly, accurately, as intended in English language which is essential for business communication. He/she exhibits a high probability to analyze given information and reach solutions in a logical and structured manner.

Recommendation Based on Behavioral Competencies

Moderately Recommended
The candidate is somewhat likely to be at par with the expectations for the role.



Areas of Development

Planning and Organization: Should be able to formulate more clear and effective plans and objectives. Needs to learn how to link different activities leading to the execution of a process and monitor work processes, more regularly.

Following Work Procedures: Should learn to adhere to rules and procedures that are necessary to execute a certain activity in the best possible way, more often.

Flexibility: Be more flexible and open to new experiences and changes in the organization.

Evaluation of Cognitive Abilities
Values shown in above chart are sten scores
Low Moderate High
Communication Skills: High

Likely to communicate and express thoughts effectively and may be able to process, retain and synthesize large amount of information in a workplace. May have good reading and writing skills and may take lesser time to absorb information and deliver outputs.

Decision Making Skills: High

Likely to effectively analyze a problem and choose between many possible solutions to a particular problem. May have skills like common sense, intuition and reasoning. Likely to use rational thinking to contemplate between positive and negative solutions to a problem.

Evaluation of Behavioral Competencies
Crew Coordination Skills
Values shown in above chart are sten scores
Low Moderate High
Planning and Organization: Moderate

Somewhat likely to have good planning skills. May at time establish a course of action for oneself or others. Somewhat likely to allocate optimal amount of time for completing one's work. May be able to keep track of activities to accomplish stated objectives. Occasionally likely to identify tools and resources for meeting other expectations and effectively allocates them in their defined areas of work and balancing the workload. Moderately likely to use available resources effectively to meet objectives.

Following Work Procedures: Moderate

Fairly likely to be driven by a sense of duty and commitment to one’s work leading to a lack awareness of the processes and systems governing the organization. Sometimes adhere to the rules and regulations placed by the organization or carry out tasks following the established procedures. Somewhat likely to ensure team members comply with established rules and procedures of the organization or take appropriate action in cases of non-compliance. May at times inform others regarding important policies and procedures.

Team Management: Moderate

Fairly likely to effectively work within the team. May at times change course of action as required to achieve team goals. Somewhat likely to value and support team goals over individual goals. Fairly likely to understand the individual differences and may not be motivated and encouraged to work with team members. Moderately likely to provide meaningful feedback or instructions to team members to achieve common goals. Somewhat likely to be sensitive and flexible while dealing with diverse issues.

Flexibility: Moderate

Moderately likely to be comfortable working with or trying out new activities and experiences. Sometimes adapt to any modification as is not much restricted and appreciative of new ideas which can contribute positively to work or working environment. Fairly likely to be resourceful or ready to fit oneself in a given role. Moderately likely to mould personal ideologies to align them to team goals. May somewhat be able to modify one's ideologies in an effective manner according to demands of work environment.

Customer Service Orientation
Values shown in above chart are sten scores
Low Moderate High
Meeting Customer Requirements: Moderate

Fairly likely to understand customer's requirements , inquiries and complaints. May sometimes be able to serve customers efficiently and get things done in a timely manner. Occasionally likely to make a customer feel that everything has been taken care of. May have a fair ability to understand and deliver according to a customer's expectations and requirements. Fairly likely to modify one's work style and adapt as per the customers. May at times be able to understand, accept or act on customer feedback timely and efficiently. May sometimes able to gauge the necessity of customizing services, keeping in mind the preferences of customers. May report issues faced by customers, through feedback or take prompt action to modify workflows, procedures and service levels to ensure quality service at all times.

Approachability: Moderate

Fairly likely to come across as warm, pleasant and gracious when dealing with passengers. May at times be sensitive and patient with the problems faced by others. May occasionally be a good listener and tries to build a good rapport with them. Sometimes likely to put in extra efforts in order to make others at ease.

Proactivity: Moderate

Sometimes understands passenger's concern and may act on it. Occasionally takes up a learning from it so that the same concern never rises again. Moderately likely to accept passenger's grievance, acknowledges it and records it for future reference. May listen to passengers' problems, redefine the problem to ensure that both the parties are at the same level of understanding. Somewhat likely to gather all the information in detail with facts and figures and offers the best solution. Moderately likely to regularly follow up with passengers and ensure that they are satisfied with the grievance handling process.

Problem Solving: Moderate

Moderately likely to be focused and pay some attention to the details of a situation. May occasionally analyze a problem, identify its causes and choose an appropriate solution from alternatives. Sometimes leave tasks pending and has a somewhat active approach to work. May have a moderate ability to utilize learnings from past experiences to solve current problems. Fairly likely to identify the root cause of problems and then develop a suitable approach to solve it.

Safety Management
Values shown in above chart are sten scores
Low Moderate High
Stress Management: Moderate

Moderately likely to display oneself in calm and composed manner and finds it difficult to deal with pressure. Fairly likely to maintain efficient performance during difficult situations. May seek support from others during the times of need. May somewhat struggle to deal with pressure or to come up with effective coping strategies.

Accountability: Moderate

Moderately likely to hold oneself responsible for the consequences of one’s own actions and decisions. Fairly likely to take ownership of one's successes as well as failures. Moderately likely to rectify one's mistakes as soon as one gets to know about them. Somewhat likely to have the ability to work independently, with minimal supervision.

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