Grooming Leadership Potential

Identifying key developmental areas for mid & senior management with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    This company is one of India's leading diversified financial services company providing a broad range of financial products and services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutions, and individuals.  Headquartered in Mumbai, its research-driven approach and proven history of innovation have allowed it to foster strong relationships across all client segments.


    They were looking for potential assessment for their mid and senior management level employees (AVP and above) across functions.

    The intention was to groom the top talent for higher responsibilities and to chalk out a structured developmental plan for them.

    The assessment was to be carried out based on the leadership competencies and principles defined by the company.



    We proposed a blended approach for carrying out the Assessment Development Centre (ADC). This had a combination of online psychometric and simulation exercises along with a couple of offline exercises.

    1 . Offline Simulation Exercises:
    Case Study Analysis with Presentation: This comprises of an offline case study of real business-related competitive dynamics. It lets the individuals experience a situation where they step out of their normal day-to-day roles and must look at multiple problems with a comprehensive perspective. The environment is risk-free, allowing them to experience critical interdependencies, execute best practices, and explore alternatives to come up with an all-embracing strategy.

    This will be a presentation-based exercise which will require assessors’ intervention. Candidates will be asked to study the problem situation and prepare an approach to tackle the situation, in a PPT. They will then need to explain it to Mettl assessors in a one-to-one presentation followed by a question-answer session.

    Management Discussion: This will be conducted in a group of candidates. The group will play the role of a Think Tank which has been assigned a task/ problem to be resolved. The task can be anything from formulating a structured plan of action keeping budgetary/ resource constraints in mind, analysing the viability of various options available, giving a detailed report with supporting data/ calculations and so on.
    Mettl Assessors will play the role of observers and evaluate the candidates on the competencies under consideration.

    2. Offline Simulation Exercises

    Situational Judgment Test (SJT): Situational Judgement Test is an online questionnaire that assesses judgement required for solving problems in work-related situations. The SJT presents with hypothetical and challenging situations that one might encounter at work, and that involve working with others as part of a team, interacting with others, and dealing with workplace dilemmas. No specialized training, knowledge, or experience is required to write this test. Rather, the answers should draw on individual attitude, general knowledge and life experience the individual has acquired.
    Mettl Personality Profiler (MPP)
    Mettl Test of Cognitive Ability (Abstract Reasoning & Critical Thinking)

    3. Creation of Individual Development Plan (IDP) & Feedback

    IDP is an effective way to assess where the individual is, where the organization wants him/ her to be and how to help him/ her to get there. It is a systematic way of planning further developmental efforts to work on specific competencies.

    We, at Mettl, focus on the competencies identi?ed as areas of development for the candidates. Our expert team of assessors and Psychologists shared a comprehensive Individual Development Plan for each candidate which covers developmental tips and recommendations in terms of on/off-the-job activities, books, videos and so on.

    Mettl expert team of psychologists will also help the company with one-to-one feedback sessions for the candidates to help them understand their strengths and developmental requirements in detail.



    Less time consuming: Online assessment got over quite before offline assessments. Candidates could take it as per their convenience. Also, during the physical assessments, they felt less hassled and tired compared to a full day physical assessment comprising of 5-6 exercises at a stretch.

    Cost-effective: number of candidates and batches could be run in a day since the number of physical exercises was less. Could cover 45 candidates in 2 days with the help of only 4 assessors. Thus, it was a cost-effective process.

    Bias-free process: with complete assessors’ intervention, an assessment can be subjective. To remove the subjectivity, the assessment centre needs to be followed by integration/ wash up session where all the assessors spend hours to discuss all the candidates’ ratings and normalize the same. With a blended design, we could remove the individual biases. Consolidation of online and offline assessments will help analyze individual and group level developmental areas in a more scientific manner.

    Mettl will help the company with the individual as well as group-wide analysis to understand specific developmental themes emerging from the assessment.

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