Digital Transformation in Certification

How this organization Saved 45% of their Staff’s Time

Industry/Use Case


    This company is Canada’s fast, easy and affordable online food handler certi¬fication course. Fast enough to let you complete the test at your own pace, easy enough to be reviewed on any device and affordable enough to be called Canada’s least expensive course. It caters to anyone who serves food. It’s provincial recognition in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan, is a testimonial of its successful existence.


    They used Mettl’s Certification (Mettl Certify) and remote proctoring services (Mettl ProctorPlus). These were the challenges that the client was facing:

    Manual Operations: Handling and dealing with multiple service providers was its major pain area. It resulted in 50% staff inefficiency.

    Randomization: Client’s previous certification vendor was not able to tailor the tests as per their requirement. They could not randomize the sequence of the questions. Hence, right candidate -filtering was not possible.

    Proctoring: Proctoring during certification is mandated by the Canadian Government. The proctoring service that the client was using before Mettl was inefficient. Hence, it became a challenge to deal with cheaters and maintaining the credibility of the certification provided by the client, in the market.

    Customization and Authenticity: In Canada, the validity of certificates last for 5 years. The challenge was that they were not customizable. Also, it was difficult to verify whether the certi¬ficates are genuine or fake.



    Mettl’s Integrated Solution:

    Authentic and Customizable Certification: Customize your certi­ficates as per your need. Be it pocket size or even the regular size. Each certi­ficate comes with a unique QR code. It’s impossible to create a fake one.

    Customizable Tests: The platform caters to the specifi­c needs of the client who can customize the tests as and when required.

    Automate the entire system: No more manual data entering.

    One vendor, entire solution: Mettl provides a one-stop solution for everything from the online platform to proctoring and not to forget authentic and customizable certi­fication.

    24×7 Proctoring Ability: No additional plugins required. The hassle-free proctoring with webcam & eye detection challenges the cheater


    This is how Mettl’s technology helped in the integration of the client’s disparate systems and helped achieve process efficiency:

    1. Mettl’s technological sophistication and advanced proctoring technology helped in ensuring authenticity and credibility.

    2. Our robust platform offers great flexibility in test scheduling & delivery that resulted in instant improvement of staff performance efficiency by 45%.

    3. By shifting to a single vendor (Mettl) who provided all the certification related services on a single integrated platform, the certification process became more standardization and helped the client reduce the cost spend on multiple vendors by 50%.

    4. Our AI driven remote-proctoring technology enabled the client to conduct high integrity tests in a seamless manner, with high test security guarantee and easy auditability.