High Volume Technical Hiring

Hiring for entry-level and mid-level profiles across four key locations within India.

Industry/Use Case


    • Leading financial institution providing an array of banking and insurance services to personal, business and commercial customers across 16 countries.
    • Mettl was approached for assistance in high volume technical hiring for entry-level and mid-level profiles across four key locations within India.


    • The organization largely relied on traditional pen and paper-based assessments for their hiring decisions. The process being time-consuming and costly, increased the whole recruitment cycle and evaluation process.
    • The company aimed at hiring 700 employees with niche skills but lacked skill bank in their existing assessment process as well as a secure and effective platform for conducting the assessments.


    • Technical assessments covering 40+ skills was administered to the candidates.
    • Mettl web proctored solution eliminated the problem of security and authenticity of assessments.
    • Customized content curation was done by analyzing the needs of the company and matching them with the designed competency framework which resulted in filtering potential candidates.
    • Offered a secure and reliable online platform for the company to conduct the assessments.


    • Mettl was able to digitize the company’s recruitment process and thereby also led to better candidate experience.
    • The use of online platform helped the company in cutting down their cost substantially and expedited the recruitment cycle for hiring across 700 positions.
    • The company was able to hire the best industry talent with significantly lower turnaround time and saved considerable hours of the interviewer’s time by providing them with filtered pool of candidates (possessing most adequate skills required for the job).