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Impactiva gets close to 95% correlation between assessment results and cultural fits with Mettl.

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    About Impactiva

    Impactiva is the world's leading quality assurance company in the leather, footwear and apparel industry. With offices in Chennai, India, and Dongguan, China, Impactiva provides services such as Quality Assurance, Materials Management, Lab Testing, Technical Audits, Lean Transformation, Training, and more.

    With its commitment to ensuring significant improvements in efficiency, quality, as well as restricted substance compliance for its clients, Impactiva has maintained a strong focus on the quality of talent that it attracts and retains. This has meant hiring some of the most highly trained professionals in the industry, through a recruitment strategy that can serve as an example of the lean operating principles that it advises its clients to run on.

    When the executives at Impactiva realized that their existing hiring methods were not yielding the efficiency that they strived for across all their processes, they decided it was time for a change.


    Hiring candidates for offices in India, and China, Impactiva used a pre-screening method that included top grading, and assessing for cultural fit, followed by technical and management interviews. However while these methods made technical capability easy to measure, they didn't allow to gauge the honesty, or other behavioral issues in a candidate effectively - qualities that were critical for Impactiva to achieve its vision of having the industry's best,most ethical team of professionals. Thus, when they were looking to hire some senior sales executives, they knew the recruitment strategy needed an overhaul.



    With its established purpose to empower the lifestyle industry with innovative, sustainable, hands-on solutions that lead to profits in an ethical manner, Impactiva laid a strong foundation for better talent management that would help meet its goals early-on. They did this by recognizing the need for a recruitment strategy that went beyond assessing an individual's technical skills and partnered with an international organization to conduct psychometric assessments. The assessments were mainly used to discern behaviours such as honesty, integrity, and conscientiousness, among others.

    However, conducting these assessments was expensive, and also a tedious, long-drawn-out task for every hire, especially if hiring had to be conducted for various different positions at a time. In evaluating partners that could serve their purpose of measuring candidates personalities and match it to the role, would take lesser effort and could be conducted at a far lower cost, Impactiva came across Mettl.

    From Impactiva's website 'Our record of non-corruption sets us apart in the lifestyle industry. We maintain clear, firm rules to ensure that we maintain the highest standard of ethics and honesty. Under no circumstance are our professionals allowed to accept money, gifts or any type of entertainment from a supplier or pay other than market prices for punctual assistance received from factories. Any team member who violates these rules is immediately terminated.'

    The business firm stand on integrity, honesty and morality provided the impetus to try Mettl's pre-built Psychometric tests for hiring senior Sales Executives, and later extending it to other job functions and roles.

    So far Impactiva has used:

    Mettl's Leadership Attributes Test - Assesses the person's critical thinking, strategic thinking, and behavioural competencies for leadership.

    Mettl Personality Inventory - The test assesses candidates on the Big 5 personality factors (Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability and Openness to Experience.)


    One of the key reasons for Impactiva to use psychometric assessments was to determine whether a candidate held the same beliefs and values that were important to the company. Prior to using relevant online assessments, the business struggled to find a low-cost, yet effective solution that would help them ascertain these subjective qualities in an individual.

    With Mettl's psychometric assessments, it became possible for Impactiva to identify traits such as a person's interaction style, character, anger management, attitude towards work, behavior under pressure, psychological well-being, professional interests and more. Using the easy-to-understand instantly generated reports, Impactiva could analyze the performance of an individual by itself, or also compare it to those of other candidates taking the same test in order to set benchmarks. For eg. reports indicate not only the question-by-question marks for a candidate but also allocated percentiles for key competencies, for eg: in the Personality Inventory Test, traits such as ethics, stability, stress management, etc are allocated percentiles, along with an explanation for it.

    These qualities, while easy to observe in a candidate once they have been in the organization for several years, usually go unnoticed in an interview where the recruiter's personal bias, or a candidate's glorified resume might disguise the behaviour for something other than what it is.

    According to a Recruitment Leader, Impactiva, "The results of using these assessments were remarkable, and we could observe the evident match in the personality of candidates (observed in the first few weeks/months) with the results of the assessment conducted."

    The executives at Impactiva in fact observed that their cultural fit and Mettl's assessment made at least 95% match more often than not.

    Amongst the many benefits of using Mettl's psychometric assessments, Impactiva liked the simplicity of the platform, and the great customer support that they received. Afterall, who wants a potential employee to have a bad experience while taking a pre-hire assessment!

    While candidates took Impactiva's assessments, Mettl's support team was available in real-time to answer queries, take care of any system issues, and generally make sure everything ran smoothly. Impactiva's team did not even need to be present online while a candidate appeared for the test and could log in at a time of convenience to view the results.

    Since the entire platform - from test scheduling, creation, registration, result generation, is online, candidates can appear for it from anywhere - even home

    This has helped Impactiva use the assessment to hire candidates in different parts of the world without the additional costs and time of arranging transportation and working out other logistics. Encouraged by this success, the company is considering having Mettl build custom tests of a technical nature and also develop existing assessments in Mandarin for their hires in China.

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