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Nearbuy reduced the probability of a bad hire by 90% by digitized their recruitment with Mettl.

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    About Groupon

    Groupon is a global e-commerce marketplace that connects more than a million subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods and services in more than 28 countries. The idea for Groupon was created by former CEO and Pittsburgh native, Andrew Mason. In April 2010, the company was valued
    at $1.35 billion.

    Due to a difference in sentiment, and in part because Indian operations required more attention and investment than Groupon could provide, Groupon India separated from its parent company. Current CEO and Co-Founder, Ankur Warikoo helped rebrand the company as Nearbuy. A Pan-India online marketplace platform, Groupon remains a minority stakeholder in the company.


    No one wants to dwell on the negative. But, as with most separated companies in the midst of a dynamic marketplace, a completely transformed world of recruiting often appears on the horizon. The eventuality was a problem with the potential to grow out of control, causing exponential damage to the firm, if not acted upon proactively.

    The Mettl David had come across a Goliath – a Goliath of Bad Hires seeping into Nearbuy as any infection would. The following points explain more:

    A. The organization largely made their hiring decision based on traditional pen and paper assessments. This proved to be time-consuming and highly cost inefficient.

    B. The Nearbuy aptitude test in use was neither standardized nor benchmarked in accordance to their hiring needs, failing to filter good candidates and generate a throughput analysis of candidate abilities.

    C. While Nearbuy did seek a shift to online assessments, they faced an unavailability of secure and effective platforms for the task


    Despite the daunting challenge, however, when Nearbuy connected with the Mettl team – it proved a union worthwhile for the former. With an excellent in-house team equipped to handle the Bad Hire problem, Mettl strategically went about dismantling the same through the following steps:

    1. Mettl Aptitude Battery

    Powered by our sophisticated assessment technology, our aptitude assessments rescued the Nearbuy team by filtering phenomenal candidates; all in accordance to their hiring needs.

    2. Improved Quality & Efficiency of Talent Acquisition Exercise

    Our pitch-perfect aptitude assessments enabled the Nearbuy team hire the smartest of candidates, thereby reducing their probability of bad hires by an astounding 90%.

    3. Mettl Web Proctored Solution

    Our state-of-the-art proctoring technology eliminated the Nearbuy problem of security and authenticity in assessments. Nearbuy could now administer the entire process from their office without effort.

    4. Instant Report Generation

    This was a feature that empowered Nearbuy to make quick decisions, thereby saving them tons of resources in time and energy. The result – an ability to reach a wider pool of campuses for employing great talent.



    Hired by Nearbuy under the banner aim to filter smart candidates by digitizing their recruitment process, Mettl proved more than capable with the use of their standardized aptitude assessments. This helped the e-commerce company add significant value to their talent pool.

    Added Mettl features such as IP restriction and invite by email to the lateral segment also benefited Nearbuy, helping us forge a strong and lasting business relationship.




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