High Performers Identified

This finance firm assessed 4,365 contractual employees to offer full-time jobs to the best.

Industry/Use Case


    With over four decades in the vehicle financing industry, the company finances an entire range of Passenger Cars & Commercial Vehicles. Since its inception, the company has spread to about 150+ locations with over 1.5 million customers today. The company received much of its manpower from a sister organization. This implied certain dependency on contractual employees to sell insurance for them.

    Compare them to the mercenaries of today. Loyal toward the common coin more than people. But every now and then, it’s easy to want to hold onto a couple of them. You know, exceptional gems you’d prefer full-fledged loyalty from. That’s something the vehicle financing company had to deal with


    Core members of the company reached a strategic conclusion about their desire to pull and retain the best of mercenaries into their own payroll. It was an initiative to convert them into loyalists, or rather – employees who’d stick with them despite astronomically high attrition rates associated with shop floor employees.
    The plan was to ensure that this transition inspired future contract employees to perform better, sparking strong desire to also want to convert into full employment. But as with most strategic decisions, the vehicle financing company had to deal with two prime challenges:

    How best to identify contractual employees fit to make the conversion?

    The logistics of addressing contractual employees PAN India for the analysis.

    Hard issues, albeit straightforward, for a fast solve. Nonetheless, the company remained ready with a firm solution in mind; the question was: Who’d champion it?



    Every now and then, a solution requires no more than an aggressive catalytic effect to whirl it to life. Mettl emerged in a similar manner, adding value with:

    The 13 Enablers

    The Vehicle Insurance Company identified top performers based on 13 enablers, otherwise known as competencies. Mettl played the crucial role to map said competencies within a blueprint. This would later be used to develop assessments well suited to the task on demand.

    Eliminating Logistical Hassles

    The Mettl team operationalized 143 test centres with a thorough geographical analysis, ensuring that the contractual employees suffered from little to no travel time from their primary locations. This was imperative for a company spread across the Indian sub-continent.

    Time & People Coordination

    Our field experts ensured perfect coordination across India, aligning 4,365 contractual employees without a hitch. Assessments were held between 1500-1600HRS, meaning the company had effectively carried out their plans within an hour.



    The assessment profiling yielded 1000-1500 candidates ?t to move into the interview stage. It was an effectively planned strategy that concluded last month, much to the vehicle insurance company’s delight. Couple of results to bring to light:

    Employee-Organization Synergy

    Psychographic profiling ensured that the people who remained possessed positive synergy with the organization’s core values and leadership vision, ensuring a healthy level of loyalty.

    Driver for Motivation

    With the results in open display, contractual employees now realized that with sizeable results on performance, an opportunity to convert lingered ahead. This inadvertently served to improve workforce efficiency.

    In conclusion, the story reveals how sophisticated assessment technologies have come a long way in recent past. Yes, it never does hurt to possess something catalytic on your side. Godspeed.




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