1000s of Man Hours Saved

InMobi used coding simulators to pick campus students' brains & measure coding skills with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case

    About InMobi

    InMobi builds mobile-first technology platforms that leverage advance in big-data, user behavior, and cloud-based architectures to simplify mobile advertising.


    InMobi is one of India's Top IT Product companies and the expected calibre of developer hires is very very high. This was InMobi's First Campus Hiring Drive - Drive for hiring Developers and Test engineers. They needed to work with an online assessment system in order to identify these high-quality engineers in accordance with industry standards. Key problems revolved around:

    1. How to differentiate between the good and the better coders?

    2. Were in need of a Skill focused Simulator based tests to evaluate candidate's coding abilities in the greatest detail?

    3. How to deliver these tests - with time and cost efficiency?

    4. How to churn out immediate results when the candidates have appeared for the test?



    Introduced Online Assessments

    Saves time, saves logistics, digital documentation of each potential Employee's skills. InMobi carried out their first round of testing on Campuses remotely and shortlisted on the same day - close to 10% of all the assessed candidates to move to the face to face interview round. This process helped them to reduce time to hire, reduce travel costs and helped save Technical Panel Interview Hours.

    Wide-set of Skills used from Mettl Question Bank

    Mettl's content team developed custom content to test very niche technical skills across these job roles and difficulty levels. InMobi used Mettl pre-canned question banks on Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, Operating Systems, Analytical and verbal reasoning to test candidates.

    Hands-on Coding Simulator

    Mettl's Coding Assessments allowed InMobi to test candidates on their coding abilities down to the code efficiency level - concepts like recursion, AI, stacks and more - in order to get the best developer team in place.


    InMobi conducted 1000+ assessments over the period of months across 8 College Campuses - spread all over India.


    With Mettl's web proctoring features and proactive ground support, InMobi cloud confidently conducts the Campus Recruitment Drive across India, remotely. The first level of filtering, before the face to face interview round, was all done online-remotely.


    Mettl's 24x7 strong support team handheld InMobi representatives from Assessment creation, to testing and to on the ground support.

    Quick Turn Around

    Mettl's automated reporting feature enabled InMobi to make on the spot candidate selection decisions - saving many man-week-hours.

    Power / Network Resume Feature.

    Poor college infrastructure was countered by our Power Resume Feature that auto saves candidate's answers to handle infrastructure issues (Internet, Network, Power outages; System crash, restart)


        InMobi's First Campus Recruitment Drive was successfully concluded - with upto 20 developers and 10 odd QA engineers hired.

        Thousands of man hours saved with the help of our automated reports, ready to use question banks, remote proctoring.

        Over 1000+ tests run on Mettl Platform and over 4 Technical skills and Coding Skills tested across 3 premier IITs (Delhi, Roorkee, Kanpur) IISc, IIIT-Hyderabad, VIT, RVCE and MSRIT.

        Improved Campus branding by improved candidate experience.

        Lowered Interview Cost by filtering higher quality candidates.

        Improved the time to offer - the hands on coding assessments filtered relevantcandidates for the interview round.

        InMobi is now exploring Mettl's Nontechnical Hiring Solutions - Case Study Simulator for B-School hiring.

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