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Facilitating the creation of a strong collaborative community

Celebal Technologies is a leading software services company in data science, big data, and enterprise cloud.

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Use Case

Hackathon, proctoring

What Celebal Technologies Achieved

Targeted marketing promotions enabled 9000 registrations

Global participation included regions such as Singapore, the US, Ireland, Europe, and Australia

The hackathon drive curated by Mercer | Mettl helped us take our brand to the next level. Global participation, constant collaboration, and ample big-data-driven ideation maximized the experience of our first hackathon. Their dedicated time and creative strategy helped fuel registrations and participation up to our mark.

Sharthak Acharjee. Head Campus Recruiter

Talent Engagement and Growth Consultant HR, Celebal Technologies

Business Challenges

Celebal Technologies is known to take new steps toward problem-solving by navigating through big data. They combined Celebal Technologies’ global expertise with deep local insights to help clients achieve their biggest goals. However, the tech industry is all about gaining an advantage in the market. Hence, Celebal Technologies was looking to comprehend how some big players embraced the power of data and technology and leveraged it to create holistic business opportunities.


The idea was to bring the biggest tech minds together and collaborate to explore innovative ideas and solve complex problems. But that wasn’t all.


Celebal Technologies needed an engaging and efficient solution that could also:


Amplify business and network:


Celebal Technologies was already servicing clients across the globe. Nonetheless, they were looking to expand further into various international business markets. They knew innovating with the best minds in the industry across geographies would encourage a continuing business relationship. Thus, they mandated a platform to help engage with like-minded professionals, keep businesses current with market trends and highlight the solutions and capabilities to the right audience across markets swiftly and cost-effectively.


Create strong brand visibility:


Celebal Technologies wanted to build a brand connection with their global prospects in the big data space. They wanted to display themselves as a brand with innovation and community involvement. But using traditional mediums was not an ideal choice. Hence, Celebal Technologies scouted for an edgy solution that could help accomplish their need creatively and dynamically.


Reach out to data enthusiasts:


With an increasing technological influence in a highly competitive industry, Celebal Technologies wanted to be ahead in the game with its workforce. As a result, the team at Celebal Technologies was looking to filter some top minds in the data engineer communities and, if possible, roll out offers on the spot. They were also interested in creating long-term engagement with potential data enthusiasts.


Discovering Mercer | Mettl 


Mercer | Mettl had been a great assessment partner to Celebal Technologies in the past. The former had customized their solutions to seamlessly address the company’s specific concerns and challenges related to hiring tech talent. Therefore, Celebal Technologies trusted Mercer | Mettl’s expertise and technological prowess to help solve their current problem as well.


Mercer | Mettl’s Xathon – A virtual hackathon platform. With the world moving towards digital transformation, Mercer | Mettl collaborated with Celebal Technologies to conceptualize, ideate, and market an ideal solution in the form of a hackathon.


Celebal Technologies leveraged Mercer | Mettl’s Xathon – a robust virtual all-in-one hackathon platform to solve their business requirements. This platform was not only an ideal way to collaborate with teams and other stakeholders, but it also facilitated innovation on a large scale.


Although it initially started by providing a suitable platform for a hackathon, Mercer | Mettl provided tactical expertise for many other things to the team at Celebal Technologies. Mercer | Mettl offered ideas on the best means of launching the event, inviting registrations, managing participants, detailing the competition content, rules and prizes, an event timeline, project submissions, and ultimately rolling out the hackathon.


Here is a detailed account of the solutions offered by Mercer | Mettl:


The Celebal Technologies hackathon started with ideation. With a careful and creative approach to brainstorming, Mercer | Mettl experts and the Celebal Technologies team ideated around the themes, challenges, stages, participants, judges, and everything else required to implement the hackathon.

Platform support:

Mercer | Mettl’s Xathon, a flexible, agile, and user-friendly platform, was utilized to conduct the hackathon effortlessly. The platform made it easier for participants to create teams, strategize, and collaborate on a single platform.

Facilitate registration:

Mercer | Mettl provided immense marketing support to Celebal Technologies to ensure maximum outreach. From creating the event’s landing page to sharing the event on social media platforms for more traction, the team helped pull in at least 9000 registrations from across the globe. Such as Singapore, the US, Ireland, Europe, and Australia, amongst others, without any logistical barriers.

MCQ support:

Mercer | Mettl created a complete package of skill-based multiple-choice questions and tech aptitude assessments for Celebal Technologies. It was the first filter to shortlist the candidates with a focus on deducing essential technical knowledge, concepts, applications, and learning from every dimension. One hundred questions were distributed across four core technologies.

Simulator support:

Based on the MCQ results, candidates that met Celebal Technologies’ essential coding criteria proceeded to the second round. Herein, Mercer | Mettl created two coding problems that mirrored real-world challenges. The two problems were SQL-based and data technology-based, which provided direct and detailed insights into each candidate’s coding aptitude and on-the-job potential.

Marketing the event:

The Mercer | Mettl team was involved in making the right noise on the right channels within the right communities for Celebal Technologies. From setting up a microsite with multiple stages and supporting marketing initiatives to undertaking all event-related execution on a single dashboard, the Xathon platform and Mercer | Mettl team ensured Celebal Technologies was able to attract and engage potential participants.

AI proctoring:

Mercer | Mettl’s AI provided transparent supervision and continuously analyzed participant behaviors and environments to prevent suspicious activities. The AI, trained with more than 2.8 million proctored assessments, helped detect up to 18 dynamic digressions with over 98% accuracy.

Customer support:

Mercer | Mettl’s commitment to ensuring a seamless online experience warranted the team to work round the clock to keep the platform and process up-to-date, compatible, and error-free.

The Impact

Mercer | Mettl’s avant-garde solution helped Celebal Technologies organize a successful hackathon. From creating a positive brand impression within the tech community, engaging with existing and potential clientele, and identifying and hiring the best tech talent.

Here are some highlights:

  • World Wide Web was leveraged to engage participants from across the globe. Some significant regions included Singapore, the US, Ireland, Europe, and Australia, amongst others, without any logistical barriers. 
  • The Celebal Technologies hackathon witnessed about 9000 registrations from the targeted tech community.
  • Mercer | Mettl helped Celebal Technologies build a strong collaborative community comprising data scientists, data engineers and data analysts that could be leveraged in the future.
  • Mercer | Mettl enabled Celebal Technologies to fill multiple open positions by hiring some top data engineers across lateral and fresher positions swiftly.
  • At one point, the highly scalable Mercer | Mettl infrastructure allowed 300 participants to log in simultaneously without a glitch.

The way forward


The team at Celebal Technologies plans to leverage Mercer | Mettl’s expertise in building and hosting multiple hackathons in the coming times. They aim to leverage it further to establish their brand presence across international geographies and engage the best minds in the industry in an innovative and dynamic environment.

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