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Leveling up talent processes for Tata Play Fiber

Tata Play Fiber Private Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tata Play Limited- a direct broadcast satellite service provider co-owned by The Tata Group, The Walt Disney Company India and Temasek Holdings. Tata Play Fiber is dedicated to empowering customers with the first pan India Fiber to the Home (FTTH) broadband infrastructure. The company aims to create a truly dependable network with proactive monitoring and seamless round-the-clock connectivity.

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Use Case

360-degree feedback

What the client achieved

40% increase in e-learning adoption

Successfully transitioned from subjective evaluations to holistic assessments

I think our processes have become smoother with Mercer | Mettl’s scientific interventions. It is like going to the best doctors, the best in their field, who diagnose your problem and present an accurate medical history. Then, you are more likely to take their future recommendations seriously. We believe Mercer | Mettl’s psychometric assessments are like those top-notch doctors you can have in this space, promising the highest validity and reliability. We need to extend these L&D upgrades to the entire organization now. We can also collaborate for ADCs. That can strengthen our developmental process.

Amit Rai

Head-HR, Tata Play Fiber

Business Challenges

Tata Play Fiber was clear on its overall employee assessment and feedback goals. However, translating them into an actionable strategy was the challenge. Therefore, the brand sought subject matter experts to help understand and execute its key objectives into an organization-wide development plan across multiple professional roles.


Moreover, the brand’s increasing presence and goal of staying ahead of the talent curve fuels an ongoing need to improve its L&D processes. Thus, it sought scientific solutions to assess and develop its existing workforce. Additionally, it wanted a tool to identify strengths and areas of improvement for its leaders and workforce.


The challenges included:

Formulating a pull-based L&D strategy

The company’s existing L&D interventions were a push system. They involved a subjective observation of employee performance and skills gap identification, followed by training recommendations and upskilling advice for individuals. However, the challenge was to encourage proactive employee involvement in their personal/professional growth domains. As a result, the company decided to adopt a pull-based approach, which was more valuable for the workforce. The goal was to add L&D motivators unique to every employee, which mandated a new assessment and feedback system.

Identifying gaps in its L&D design

Another significant concern was finding the right set of tools that could help identify role-centric training needs in the organization. The company wanted to focus on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of its employees to nurture and strengthen them holistically. The idea was to create training and development plans that empowered every individual. 

Adopting a scientific tool for objective potential assessment

The company rightly believes that a holistic potential assessment is critical to gaining information about an employee’s leadership, aspirations and affinity. Also, the company professes people-centric values. Hence it was keen on finding an advanced tool to augment its potential assessment process. 

Upgrading the overall employee feedback approach

Conventional reviews and feedback tend to have a higher possibility of biases and errors, which is detrimental to individual professional growth. Therefore, Tata Play Fiber wanted solutions that facilitated improved and futuristic feedback practices.

Assessing skills repositories vis-à-vis employee competence

Tata Play Fiber also wanted to analyze the current skill sets internally assigned to job roles and assess employees’ positions in that regard. In other words, it needed to revisit pre-defined skill repositories while gauging how many employees possessed those skills and to what extent.

The ultimate goal of this exercise was to: 

  • Analyze how well the employees exhibited competencies expected of them 
  • Develop a clear understanding of the skills gaps and what needed to be worked upon collectively  
  • Make effective training interventions, particularly related to behavioral aspects 

Discovering Mercer | Mettl


Tata Play Fiber evaluated various vendors for its specific requirements and approached Mercer | Mettl for an all-inclusive solution. After several demonstrations and discussions, the company found Mercer | Mettl’s 360View and Leadership Assessments an effective combination for upgrading its L&D strategy. A successful trial further assured Tata Play Fiber of the collaborative partnership.


Mercer | Mettl understood and appreciated Tata Play Fiber’s requirements and challenges in fulfilling them. Therefore, Mercer | Mettl advocated its most viable value proposition, 360View, a tool for holistic 360-degree feedback and a leadership test for assessing leadership competencies.


Let’s take a closer look at these solutions:


Leadership assessments


Mercer | Mettl’s leadership assessment solution can accommodate a vast range of customizations to match clients’ specific requirements. However, Tata Play Fiber readily adopted the standard format to assess M4 and M5-level professionals.


It was the first step toward generating awareness and interest among leaders:

  • Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, skills and potential for succeeding in leadership roles
  • Interest in undertaking self-development initiatives for e-learning and upskilling based on the assessments’ results

Mercer | Mettl’s Leadership Assessment helped achieve the objectives stated above by helping assess the professionals on evenly set benchmarks to which others could aspire. Moreover, since subject matter experts developed the scientific tool, the standardized leadership assessment perfectly matched the client’s key requirements.


Assessment frameworks designed by subject matter experts


Mercer| Mettl’s Leadership Assessments are a comprehensive suite of prebuilt tests based on the frameworks developed by a team of subject matter experts. These role-specific leadership assessments included a combination of personality profiling and a test of essential cognitive skills.


Mettl Personality Profiler 


Based on the Big-Five Factor Model of Personality, the Mettl Personality Profiler helped Tata Play Fiber assess senior employees’ leadership competencies and behavioral indicators such as:

  • Trustworthiness: Ethical propensity and the ability to take responsibility for their actions
  • Emotion regulation: The ability to remain optimistic and inspire optimism
  • Drive: Learning agility and proactivity in taking initiatives
  • Teamwork: Collaboration skills, inclusiveness and networking abilities
  • Service and process orientation: The ability to follow established systems while innovating whenever needed, flexibility and focus on the quality of work


Cognitive Abilities Test


Mercer | Mettl’s Cognitive Abilities Test ensured a smooth and objective assessment of critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills. Insights from the test revealed how well the senior professionals could:


Lead change

Lead people

Build coalitions

Aside from an analysis of basic competencies and interpersonal skills, the test highlighted employees’ significant attributes in areas of decisiveness, vision, stress tolerance, strategic thinking, external awareness, innovation management and creativity.


360-degree feedback tool


Mercer | Mettl’s 360View ensures a holistic and unbiased feedback process for professionals at all levels. It is a platform with established credentials as an excellent tool for succession planning, identifying and training skilled talent, nurturing high-potentials to assume influential roles, etc. Tata Play Fiber utilized the tool to:

  • Gather objective feedback on the performance, behaviors and potential of M3 and M4-level professionals
  • Gain insights into the way colleagues, leaders and direct reports perceived managers and senior managers in the organization
  • Evaluating subjective areas such as teamwork and leadership effectiveness

The goal was to provide the feedback seekers with objective data. The latter would enable a transparent comparison of their perception of themselves against others’ perceptions of their skills, potential and key competencies.


Here’s how 360View enabled them:

Open-ended feedback with detailed competency ratings

Using 360View enabled the company’s employees to get dedicated feedback on all their competencies as reviewed by themselves and their colleagues. Besides, there were open-ended suggestions for improvement. The broad idea was to ensure that all employees understood how they were perceived professionally through constructive and actionable feedback. 

Behavioral profiling

The feedback process revealed insights into every individual’s relationship-building abilities, decision-making qualities and resource management skills, among other areas. Such profiling helped uncover their hidden strengths while accentuating the areas of improvement.

Training needs identification

The feedback process, upon completion, offered insights into individuals’ weaknesses and blind spots. It helped them understand the skills needed to meet individual and organizational goals. These metrics helped both the employer and the employees to undertake learning initiatives and carve streamlined developmental paths.

Concise yet insightful reports

The platform’s report generation feature was incredibly efficient at offering key information in the most easy-to-understand format. The brief yet comprehensive analytical outcomes included detailed, relevant and accurate data, helping determine the feedback-seekers’ full potential.

24x7 support

Mercer | Mettl’s technical backend and customer support teams ensured round-the-clock client support. The teams trained and actively assisted every concern while working round the clock to ensure compatible and error-free exercises. They also mitigated candidates’ concerns throughout the assessment drive.

The Impact

Mercer | Mettl’s top-of-the-line offerings addressed numerous bottlenecks in conducting leadership assessments and objective feedback processes with integrity and ease.

The following pointers sum up the impact of this collaboration:

  • The brand moved from subjective evaluations to holistic assessments and 360-degree feedback for the first time. 
  • Ninety-one professionals underwent leadership assessment, and twenty-four of them received 360-degree feedback, laying an exceptional foundation to scale up the process in the future.
  • There has been a significant transformation in attitudes. Employees began to appreciate and embrace holistic assessment and feedback processes. Instead of viewing these interventions as mandates, employees saw them as an essential asset and activity for career progression.
  • The L&D process became more precise, unbiased and objective, with a better connection between outcomes and interventions.
  • As professionals became more accepting of the new assessment and feedback system, they were more eager to undertake ongoing learning initiatives. As a result, e-learning adoption in the company grew from 33% to 73%.
  • There has been remarkable and constant proactiveness in formulating employee development plans at an individual level. It inspired the company to create an online portal- Employee Development Program, inviting professionals to identify and fill their developmental gaps. The overwhelming response has provided the management highly streamlined insights for initiating the next set of training interventions and upskilling strategies.

The L&D upgrades in Mercer | Mettl’s Leadership Assessment and 360View ensured Tata Play Fiber transformed its push system into a pull process. It eventually led to a higher conviction with feedback and learning across all positions, greater professional motivation and employee contentment.


The way forward


Tata Play Fiber plans to expand the 360-degree feedback process to include other professional levels in its organizational hierarchy. It also plans to explore several other solutions offered by Mercer | Mettl to enhance the overall growth processes across teams and boost their recruitment process.

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