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Motoring the right lateral hire for TVS

India’s third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer with footprints in 90 countries with over 10000 employees that deals in automobile, aviation, education, electronics, energy, finance, housing, insurance, investment, and logistics, among others.

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Use Case

Coding assessments and simulators, platform and proctoring



What TVS Motor Company Ltd. Achieved


Increase in on-the-job performance


drop in the cost & time-per-hire

In Mercer | Mettl we found a good combination of three core attributes that we were looking for in our talent assessment partnerships. Their proctoring feature was brilliant and a particular facet that stood out was the platforms flexibility in working for specific niche skill sets.

Mahesh Calavai

Chief Data & Analtyics Officer, TVS Motor Group

Business Challenges

  • A structured and efficient global recruitment solution for lateral and campus hiring.
  • Customized assessments for multiple job functions with expertise in technical and behavioral skills.
  • Consistency in assessments with real-time, detailed and granular reports for each candidate.
  • A user-friendly platform for candidates as well as the assessor

Non-scalable assessment tools and inconsistency in reports.

The lack of data privacy and management.

Insufficient tools to assess hands-on skills.

The unavailability of instantaneous and comprehensive reports.

The absence of proctoring option measures Inconvenient and unsustainable platform.

The unavailability of measures to engage with a large number of candidates.


  • Flexible and scalable: A cloud-based platform that was accessible to candidates as well as assessors anytime and anywhere, removing geographical and time constraints
  • One-stop-shop for assessments: An extensive library of a variety of question types, including MCQs, coding simulators, and case studies, etc.
  • Real-Time reporting: Some of the exam formats provided to TVS included,


Real time reporting solution - Infographic


  • ISO certified platform: Highest standards of data security observed under the global standards of GDPR and local data privacy laws.
  • AI-powered, anti-cheating solution: Online proctoring to eliminate malpractices and assess real-time behavior of candidates from anywhere. Some of the proctoring features included,


AI Powered and anti cheating solution - infographic


  • The power of customization: Highly qualified subject-matter experts and consultants to tailor-make assessments and dashboard as per requirements.
  • Personalized and analytical reports: An in-depth report to identify specific skills and qualities the role requires.

The Impact

Highly customer-centric and technically qualified platform with 24*7 support to deliver the required results from the talent assessment process

  • 40% Increase in on the Job Performance
  • 33% Drop in Cost & Time Per Hire
  • Increased efficiency in shortlisting candidates with the red flagging of all forms of malpractices Growth in the number and quality of hires as well as better geographical outreach in a hassle-free manner Efficiently assesses candidates on more than 300 skills and competencies and hire candidates in diversified roles like:
    • Mechanical Design (Structural)
    • Mechanical Design (Engine)
    • Production Process Planning & Proving
    • Electronic Sub-System Development
    • Electrical Sub-System
    • Development & Manufacturing
    • CS & IT Engineer
    • Data Science
    • Data Engineering
    • Industrial Relations & Labor Laws
    • Business Strategy & Management

Mettl’s suite of products has enabled TVS to improve its current legacy assessment process by augmenting it with contemporary tools from Mettl’s library. Mettl platform’s unique features and assessments have created an ongoing association of over three years with TVS. TVS has now introduced Mettl’s tools to its people development processes, too, beginning F.Y 2020-21.” 

Learn how TVS improved its employee performance by 40%

Mercer | Mettl helped TVS restructure their lateral and campus hiring process by assessing candidates on 300+ skills across niche domains like mechanical design, business strategy, data science, etc.

Looking for a scalable talent assessment process?

With Mercer | Mettl’s scalable platform, suite of assessments, data-backed reports, AI-powered proctoring, and power of customization, TVS was able to cut down its cost and time to hire by 33%.

Mercer | Mettl is a one-stop-shop for all your assessment needs

Browse through Mercer | Mettl’s vast array of studies and resources to help you make better talent decisions.

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