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Boosting sales recruitment and L&D for Vikram Tea

Vikram Tea Processor Pvt. Ltd. is a tea manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Maharashtra, India. Founded in 1975, the company has grown into an INR 8.5 billion business in 2020, setting up state-of-the-art plants in different locations and branching out in several cities. The company aims to expand pan India and overseas, constantly adding to its 500+ distributors and 60 ton/day/plant production capacity.

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Use Case

Sales assessment

What the client achieved

High- quality sales recruitment

Development of focused training programs

Business Challenges

Vikram Tea’s constant expansion plans require a high functioning sales team equipped with skills, knowledge, habits and behaviors that enable it to lead and manage impactful B2C sales deals. Hence, the company wanted a suite of assessments that would help it recruit better and make L&D interventions in its existing workforce.


The company sought:

A tool to find the right fit for its sales teams

Development of a detailed competency framework

Assessment of training and development needs

Candidates to match remote work requirements

Tools to identify the right fit for mid and senior- level sales profiles 

A tool to find the right fit for its sales teams 


The company’s primary objective was to find candidates with the right combination of ethical propensity, sales experience and customer-handling skills. It needed a tool that would help its talent acquisition specialists to hire such candidates after assessing their cultural alignment and a set of sales-focused competencies.


Development of a detailed competency framework 


Vikram Tea wanted expert help with developing a detailed competency framework for high performing sales managers. It wanted to use the framework as a standard to assess current capabilities and identify development needs during the recruitment and selection of sales professionals.


Assessment of training and development needs 


The company also wanted to conduct a thorough assessment of its existing sales managers to identify their training and development needs. The insights from these assessments would help develop a set of targeted development modules.


Candidates to match remote work requirements 


One the company’s priorities was to find candidates with integrity who could match the working style and remote work requirements of the business. Thus, it was crucial to assess applicants on key behavioral competencies using custom psychometric assessments.


Tools to identify the right fit for mid and senior- level sales profiles 


The company needed good people with relevant sales experience to fit various mid and senior-level profiles. It was imperative to utilize a valid filter to bring in candidates possessing the right closing techniques, numerical proficiency and objection handling skills.

Mercer | Mettl has understood our requirements and they have come up with a set of competencies that are the perfect match. The reports are easy to read and understand and the platform is very user-friendly. Our overall experience has been really good.

Farhan Khan
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Vikram Tea Processor Pvt. Ltd. 


Mercer | Mettl’s experts undertook several meetings with Vikram Tea to understand its needs. The team appraised the client’s challenges and suggested various inputs to ensure it was on track with the competency-based sales assessment.


The goal was to equip the client with objective insights at every stage of the sales hiring process. The same was accomplished in three stages:

  • Competency framework creation
  • Customizing psychometric assessments
  • Saving time and negating hassles with insightful and data-rich reports

Competency framework creation


The first step in upgrading the client’s hiring process was to finalize competencies. After elaborate discussions, Mercer |Mettl’s team came up with a customized competency framework, which formed the basis of the sales assessment.


The framework ensured a holistic analysis of candidates’: 

  • Self confidence
  • Result orientation
  • Process adherence
  • Positive attitude
  • Effective communication
  • Integrity
  • Team management
  • Empathy
  • Planning and organization
  • Strategic thinking
  • Innovation
  • Ownership
  • Critical thinking
  • Data analysis
  • Problem solving abilities

Customizing psychometric assessments  


Mercer | Mettl provided Vikram Tea with a set of custom assessments, specifically crafted for sales hiring. These assessments tested the candidates’ ability to think fast, derive meanings in ambiguity, arrive at meaningful conclusions in potential work scenarios, formulate new concepts and strategies for innovation, etc. 


The key highlights of the exercise are explained below:


Holistic candidate evaluation


These assessments helped the client measure the critical competencies in an unbiased and objective environment. In addition to assessing the competencies elaborated in the custom framework, the assessments helped Vikram Tea gain insights into sales-specific candidate skills such as:

  • Rapport building
  • Closing technique
  • Objection handling
  • Data processing
  • Numerical efficiency
  • LOC (Limit on close) understanding

The test results also provided insights into candidates’ motivation factors and behavioral traits, enabling the organization to select the best fit for the vacant positions.


Scientific tools 


Mercer | Mettl used three types of psychometric tools based on validated scientific theories and practices to create these sales assessments.

  • Analysis of positive personality traits to identify culture fitment, trainability and performance.
  • Measurement of motivation, values and preferences to understand what drove a candidate.
  • Evaluation of cognitive ability to gauge a candidate’s ability to derive logical conclusions.

Assessments in local languages 


Mercer | Mettl helped the client access a larger talent pool across states by customizing and translating the assessments in Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi. It enhanced the local hiring process, contributing to high-quality regional team-building in multiple cities.


Saving time and negating hassles with insightful and data-rich reports 


Mercer | Mettl simplified Vikram Tea’s recruitment process with reports for every assessment. These reports were to the point, easy to understand and offered holistic insights into the candidates’ skills and potential.


The detailed, data-rich reports facilitated easy benchmarking and easy culling of candidates. Additionally, they helped:

  • Maintain the results’ standardization and accuracy
  • Make critical observations of professional behaviors
  • Test sales expertise for various job levels

The Impact

Mercer | Mettl’s sales assessment was a well-developed, validated and predictive psychometric test that served as an objective decision-making tool for Vikram Tea. It enabled the company to improve its current recruitment strategies and L&D approach.


The insights helped the company to undertake structured growth plans and get the most efficient sales professionals on its team.


The following highlights elaborate the impact of Mercer | Mettl’s psychometric assessments on the client’s talent acquisition and development strategy: 


Quality sales recruitment 


Mercer | Mettl helped the client assess, interview and hire candidates to fit its dynamic sales profiles. With 20-25 quality hires per month, the company was able to build a strong sales team comprising 250+ new professionals, possessing the necessary aptitude and competence to ensure inter-state sales success.


Leveraging of individual strengths 


Based on extensive assessment parameters across all levels, holistic assessment reports have resulted in a system that enables Vikram Tea to harness its employees’ abilities to target diverse customer needs effectively. This served its core purpose, empowering its employees to make the best use of their abilities to achieve the mandated business results.


Focused training programs 


The company utilized the assessment reports to identify training needs in its existing workforce. That lay the foundation for initiating focused programs for individual growth. As specific areas of improvement came forward through the assessments, the decision-makers at Vikram Tea were better equipped to further the company’s talent strategies.


In conclusion, Mercer | Mettl’s psychometric assessments’ impact and how they have transformed hiring for the company promise a lasting structure to its candidate selection criteria. It has helped save time and effort while equipping decision-makers with the right tools to address their concerns and fulfill their requirements.

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