Assessment Centers for Hi-Potencial Identification

Developing a scientific framework that could identify the high potentials within a function without the manual bias.

Industry/Use Case


    • The company ranks among the world’s five largest food and beverage companies with 16 brands, revenues of about US$ 27 billion and over 143,000 employees across 200 countries.
    • The company wanted to develop a scientific framework that could identify the high potentials within a function without the manual bias.


    • The process for deploying training for sales employees was not need driven and thus generic trainings were provided to all employees irrespective of their areas of development.
    • The organization was investing a lot in training of employees but were not getting effective Returns on Investments.
    • There was no standardized mechanism in place for identification of hi-potentials and the process was relied heavily on manager feedback and performance rating only


    • Competency tool matrix were created across 2 levels for the frontline sales and area sales manager profiles drawing from the company’s leadership effectiveness, Sales Competency model and frontline sales frameworks.
    • A completely Virtual assessment center was executed deploying the Mettl Personality Profiler, Cognitive tools, Functional MCQs, Situational Judgment Questions (sales and others) and case study simulator on a population of 450 front line sales executives and 250 Area Sales Managers.
    • Individual Development Plans, customized to the competencies, were created and suggested basis areas of development of the employees. This helped build the talent pipeline and identify training needs in the sales work force.


    • The virtual assessment center helped build a strong sales leader’s pipeline
    • Along with identification of hi-potentials, it also delineated areas of development and strengths of each employee that could be leveraged for organizational growth and for personal development.
    • The firm was able to develop a more comprehensive training program to address the gaps
    • Individual Development Plans helped each Sales executive to improve on their own and helped foster increased engagement levels