Skill Gaps in Leadership Positions

A modern mechanism to evaluate positions of leadership.

Industry/Use Case


    • A leading online travel company in India, this organization stands currently with over 4 million customers since its inception in 2006. With over 61,000 hotels contracted in over 1,100 cities across India, they pioneer India’s largest platform
    • The company decided to overhaul tradition and approach a modern mechanism to evaluate their positions of leadership. This stretched across different stages and lines of businesses (LOB) within the confines of their organization.


    • While leadership frameworks are easy enough to build, competencies that align with leadership traits basis organizational culture, and aligning said competencies to an assessment framework posed them a challenge.
    • They faced a challenge of lack of a pertinent assessment composition aligning with their specific requirements
    • They sought to explore areas of development within leaders in their organization.


    • Mettl’s team of dedicated in-house experts, customized the modules of the assessments to cater to their requirements.
    • Mettl Personality Profiler along with Cognitive tools including Abstract reasoning, Critical Thinking test, Numerical ability test were administered to the employees. Psychometric assessments identified key leadership traits suited for every profile.
    • The test was administered to 123 candidates across 15 LOB’s with the objective of identifying top and bottom competencies
    • Post-assessment evaluation of the reports with data-driven analytics helped the team formulate a learning & development plan based on the gaps identified.


    • Built in an easy-to-consume manner, the reports pointed traits at a measurable level against benchmarks.
    • The three top and bottom competencies were identified, and these served as the core of future training programs for grooming leaders below the average scores.
    • The leader performance was analyzed against benchmarks across 15 LOB’s
    • The entire exercise helped in identifying best leaders within the organization and peer to peer learning was encouraged to learn their best practices. This also served as great insights for future aspirant leaders.