Training Need Identification for Contractual Workforce

Identify potential key training areas and high performers for 17,000 employees.

Industry/Use Case


    • India’s largest Zinc and silver mining company with a total employee strength of 20000+ with operation facilities based out of two key locations in the country. They also operate 7 plants across the country with each plant operating as Mines, Mills, Central Power Project
    • The company wanted a partner to help them with the training need identification of the Contractual Workforce.


    • The major workforce was the Contractual workforce of over 17000 people. Owing to the high volumes, the company faced a challenge to create a standardized scientific process across all plants to identify the effectiveness of trainings delivered and identify potential key training areas and high performers
    • Their operations were fragmented and completely manual, thus creating irregularities in results
    • The workforce entailed semi skilled employees from welders to crane operators and so on.


    • Mettl engaged Subject Matter Expert and conducted 3-day extensive workshop at their plant to identify and create a technical framework across 162 unique job roles.
    • Detailed Technical Competency Framework was created to standardize the measurement of employees across different job roles.
    • Mettl team of experts also did an in-depth sensing exercise to create a Behavioral Competency Framework for Individual Contributors and Supervisors covering Knowledge, Skill, Attitude of the entire workforce.


    • As a result of the engagement with Mettl ,the company was able to create standardized process across the organization in a short time span.
    • They were also able to analyze the areas of improvement for their contractual workforce and thus was able to maintain a focused training calendar across the year.
    • The training resulted in optimization of production yield and enhanced safety for the workforce.
    • The company was able to identify high performers who had to be translated from contractual basis to on-company payroll.