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3x increase in the volume of the test takers’ for this coaching institute with Mettl.

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    Riding on the horse of fame, this professional coaching institute has pioneered its way and turned itself into a full-fledged giant in the education industry, which guarantees ‘tryst with success’ in IITJEE. Years of perseverance, integrated learning programs, and wellequipped teaching & guidance structure for IIT aspirants have accredited its centers as one of the Premier Technology Institutions across the world.

    The institute runs on the wheels of expertise and competencies that ex- IITians pass on to future aspirants for fulfilling their long-seen dream. More than 10,000 students each year appear for the scholarship cum admission test offered for limited admission seats that it possesses. Additionally, in time, the institute has been successful in securing the unshakable trust of IIT aspirants and earn its share of popularity as a leading educational hub.


    ‘Change is the only constant’! This saying beautifully beholds the truth of life- nothing lasts forever, changes are inevitable. To keep pace with the advancements of aspiring and leading Indian engineering colleges like IITs, the coaching institute wanted to bring in a digital reform in its operations.

    To go a level beyond the cost, time, and geographical limitations involved in conventional pen & paper tests, and reaching out to untapped talent in India, the institute collaborated its efforts with Mettl to conduct online scholarship tests. Listed below are the challenges that raised heads, while making a shift from pen-paper tests to online assessments-

    1. What will cater to robust technological support for managing the high-level of concurrency?
    2. How to ensure that the candidates adjust to the new online procedure comfortably?
    3. How to prevent usage of unfair means to cheat during the examination?



    Switching to digitization of scholarship cum admission test in a jiffy was a giant leap by the coaching institute. This step was not only going to branch out its reach to unexplored corners of India using cost-effective parameters. But would have also added stars to its brand value, along with giving the aspirants a real-time examination experience.

    Mettl’s online platform offered the following solutions-

    Assessments were recorded for future auditing that ensured a complete transparency of the examination.

    With an anytime, anywhere state of the art proctoring solution through internet, assessments were conducted with utmost ease.

    Mettl’s scholarship test platform was designed to run on any kind of system, without any enhancements or additional hardware requirements.

    The automated generation of reports served the purpose of eliminating manual verification and result generation for assessments.

    Mettl’s assessment platform delivered a hassle-free user experience to the aspirants, as well as to the institute.


    The holistic impact of the solutions offered by Mettl very promisingly and effectively drove great results home. Given below are the after effects of implementation of our offered solutions:

    1. Gush of more Database
    There was a 300 % increase in the volume of the test takers’ data that was collected. This provided a substantial resource for studying the trends across different regions, school boards, etc.

    2. Pan India Scalability
    Remote proctoring and assessments in unison managed to make the coaching’s presence felt in the remote corners of India.

    3. Cost & Time Effectiveness
    Online assessments have always enjoyed the brownie points of carrying a low-price budget, while automated results make up for faster turnaround time.

    4. Auditability & Transparency
    The proctored recordings are secured and electronically stored within the coaching institute’s database for future review.




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