Speeding & Scaling Recruitment

Cutting time-cost-effort in hiring with customized tests & reports from Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    This company is an innovative mobile app developing company founded in 2006. It has been creating amazing apps for world’s most innovative brands and has a team of 150+ members including industry experts in UI/UX design, mobile app, web development, cloud computing and marketing strategy.


    They faced a few key challenges went it came to their hiring process. Here are the challenges they faced prior to Mettl:

    1. Pen and Paper assessments
    The use of traditional pen and paper assessments was time-consuming and a costly affair for the company. Other than the cost involved, the possibility of an error margin was also another challenge that was posed by using the pen and paper assessments.

    2. Evaluation
    The entire recruitment process being time consuming resulted in delays in the evaluation of the assessments as well. These delays were hampering the company in many ways than one can imagine, here is how:

    a) There was a high probability that the company was losing out on the ‘best’ candidates in the industry due to delays, as they could receive alternative offers, from companies with a ‘speeded recruitment’ process. The process of ‘slow hiring’ was clearly not helping the company in capturing the ‘high-in-demand’ top talent.

    b)The job positions being vacant for too long could hurt any company’s revenues. With the ‘slow’ process, the company feared it would hurt their revenue as well. ‘Slow hiring’ may have numerous drawbacks but the most important is that it can significantly hamper external employer brand image and the candidate experience. The result would no surprise but a fall in job applications and the company may end up losing the cutthroat talent battle in the industry. Again, no company would want that, same went for them.

    3. Reports
    Another challenge was the effort and time which was diverted in manually analysing after the evaluation. Again, the time and effort spent on analysing could be diverted towards something more productive. Plus, the additional cost of hiring an individual or a company to analyse the assessments.

    4. Platform
    Where could the company regularly conduct assessments? Platform to be used for assessment formed an issue too. The company required a safe and confidential platform for the same.

    5. Content
    The company required appropriate content for their assessments, which would help them assess their candidates in the best possible manner and set adequate benchmarks for the assessments.



    With such diverse issues, Mettl got right to work to providesolutionto each and every problem. Here is a peek at how we did it:

    1. Upgrading to Mettl
    The ‘slow hiring’ process was speeded up by using Mettl’s online assessments. The time-cost consuming process was thrown out the window and a much more time-cost friendly Mettl’s online assessments took its place.

    2. Quicker and Easier Evaluation Reports
    How to fix delayed evaluation? Mettl found the solution. Mettl’s intuitive reports made evaluation easy by providing in-depth analysis at a glance, taking the time-cost-effort consuming process out of the picture and guesswork as well. This major step of speeding up evaluation helped in speeding up the entire recruitment process. In addition, the feature of the evaluation reports being saved forever made sure that the company for a consult from it whenever required.

    3. Going Online
    The efficient online platform provided by Mettl, provided the solution to the companies problem of the unavailability of a platform.

    4. Tailor Made
    Content In addition to customized evaluation reports, Mettl also assisted the company in formulizing the most appropriate content for assessments. Mettl’s strong content team ensured that the content filtered the candidates correctly so that company could hire a candidate with the right kind of skills set and capabilities.



    The 150 assessments with Mettl’s customized content and on our online platform used by the company helped the company is speeding their recruitment process, which in turn benefited the company immensely. Plus, the customized evaluation reports further speeded up the process. Being a small company, the company required strong candidates who could handle the work pressure and fit into companies work culture, the specialized content formulized by Mettl made it possible.