Organization Wide Talent Acquisition

A streamlined solution to address Talent Acquisition needs, across entities.

Industry/Use Case


    • Operates as a generic pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets various healthcare therapies/generic pharmaceutical products to customers in the United States. The company provides outstanding customer service, along with high-quality, affordable generic products to customers and patients
    • The pharma company had been hiring extensively and needed a streamlined, easy to use, and efficient solution to address their Talent Acquisition needs, across entities


    • The company had been evaluating about over 10,000 new candidates every year across 10 different entities and 30+ business units, multiplying the complexity of entire process.
    • Owing to large volumes, the company was struggling with competency framework with the right mix of aptitude and behavioral assessments.
    • The organization used a career portal for building and managing their talent pool and thus needed a solution to be integrated with the same.


    • Mettl team did an in-depth exercise of understanding the key competencies required across different roles and levels to curate the right assessments and benchmarked them to identify relevant candidates.
    • Reports were customized to address the key business needs and identify relevant candidates and gave powerful insights to managers.
    • Conducted the entire recruitment cycle on the organization’s career portal and ensured both candidates and company a seamless experience.


    • With Mettl as the key partner, the pharma giant immensely improved their Talent Acquisition process both in efficiency and efficacy.
    • 100+ Assessments were created and benchmarked across 30+ business units.
    • 2X better candidates' filtration (low performers) was achieved with the right mix of Aptitude and Behavioral assessments
    • 60,000+ assessments have been conducted till date on the company’s unified career portal without any glitch.