Skill Gap Analysis

Analytics for 600 employees with different competency frameworks at each level.

Industry/Use Case


    • India’s leading e-commerce company , headquartered in Bangalore covering product categories like Apparels, Books, Consumer Electronics and lifestyle products.
    • The primary project objective was to conduct a skill gap analysis drive across the company’s 12 Business units , comprising 600 employees with different competency frameworks at each level.


    • The company had created an org-wide and BU specific competency frameworks. However, translating the same to an objective, comprehensive and holistic assessment was proving to be a challenge.
    • Flipkart also struggled with domain specifc content creation for every Business unit given the strict deadlines and conflicting bsuiness prioririties.
    • Apart from the mutli-faceted assessments (behavioural, cognitive and domain competency evaluation), the need for self and managerial feedback further added complexity to the requirement.


    • Using Mettl Personality Profiler, Cognitive Assessment Battery , Custom Domain content, we curated 65 assessments across all the teams with 3 proficiency levels evaluated for every team.
    • The employees were also evaluated through the means of self and manager feedback on the relevant competencies.
    • 52 combined reports integrating the results of the assessment battery, self and manager feedbacks were configured, providing every employee an in-depth understanding of his/her standing on the relevant competencies at their level.
    • Tools Used – Mettl Assessment Battery suite, Mettl 360 Degree feedback


    • Using multiple assessment methodologies (i.e. assessment battery and feedback surveys) allowed for an in-depth and holistic understanding of each employee’s standing on the competencies.
    • The HRBPs and L&D Team at Flipkart was able to identify skill gaps for every individual as well as understand the overall concerns for every Business Unit.
    • The results of the curated assessments fed directly to Flipkart’s Learning and Development plans and initiatives for the concerned Business Units – serving as the basis of objective and well-informed decisions.
    • This exercise also enabled Flipkart to build and prepare future ready workforce for the organization.