Talent Acquisition using Predictive Validation

Hiring for FMCG Sales Executives using the Predictive Validation

Industry/Use Case


    • Leading processor of rice and other specialty foods in India with nearly 3000 crore as revenue in last fiscal year and 5 manufacturing facilities across India.
    • The Company is engaged in milling, processing and marketing of rice, and manufacturing of rice food products in the domestic and overseas market. Its geographical segments include India, North America and Rest of the world
    • The company wanted to hire for Sales Executives using the Predictive Validation


    • The company was looking at Creating an assessment with high predictability that enables them to find out the right fit for FMCG sales executive. High predictability has reference to high performance in test will indicate high performance in the organization. For this they needed domain experts who could help them out in designing the right framework around this.
    • The company wanted to hire the perfect fit for the Sales Executive profile who is also culturally aligned to the organization .


    • After detailed job analysis, our experts suggested Mettl FMCG Sales Executive Assessment, which directly measures sales and business developmental skills/attributes and examines the factors that affect sales performance optimization.
    • The Assessment comprised of Psychometric Tools like Mettl Personality Inventory, Motivation Inventory and Cognitive Tools that measures Sales Knowledge and Customer Focus.
    • The assessment was administered on 150 candidates for Sales Executive hiring.


    • Assessment was not only able to filter out low performers but was also able to find out good performers for the organization with high accuracy
    • Predictive Validation was done to identify the impact, for this organizational performance data of candidates hired from Mettl test was shared by the FMCG player.
    • 78% of Recommended candidates came out as High and Medium Performers.
    • The curated assessment helped organization to filter out Low performance with 2X effectiveness and identify high performers with 1.5 X effectiveness.