Creating an Impactful L&D Model

How VLCC uncovered a defined set of competencies amidst high performers on scale with Mettl.

Industry/Use Case


    VLCC Healthcare Limited is an Indian multinational company, headquartered in Gurgaon, India. They specialize in scientific weight management solutions, beauty services, skin and haircare treatments, and personal care. Founded in 1989 by Vandana Luthra, the company operates in 323 locations across 150 cities with a notable presence in 11 countries.

    They currently possess a workforce about 4,000 strong.


    While the company remained powerful within their Learning & Development process, key decision makers realized that an improvement in the quality measurement of ROI was not far behind.

    An upscale of such magnitude required:

    1. To uncover a defined set of competencies amidst high performers on scale.
    2. To set a benchmark to better improve the L&D stakes.
    3. To expand such findings across their global presence.

    In an effort to reinvigorate their Learning & Development process, VLCC needed a comprehensive solution suite, and a powerful one no less.


    Having been approached with an interesting challenge, the Mettl team unboxed from an arsenal of solutions, one that fit VLCC’s needs. The plan consisted of a two-pronged approach, which culminated to great success. The effort included:

    1. A Skill Gap Identification Pilot with 35 Candidates,
    2. A Comprehensive Psychometric Battery to measure core Behavioural Competencies
    3. Situation/Scenario Based Questions.
    4. Full Freedom for Customization around the Assessment Content.

    However, a solution is only as powerful as its impact. So, did the Mettl mechanics rewire the VLCC process for the better as promised? Let’s find out


    With the new processes in place, VLCC decided to expand partnership with Mettl. It’s time we found out why:

    1. A Fresh Skill Gap Identification Program (135 Employees – First Batch),
    2. Increased Return on Investment on their Learning & Development Model, and
    3. Improved Processes in their Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, and Qatar offices also.

    Considering the results, VLCC is now looking to move into partnership with Mettl to supercharge their recruitment process as well. This would entail an improvement in the Quality of Hire of their Frontline and Territorial Salespeople.

    Here’s to a long and lasting relationship!




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