Job Roles Mapped to Competencies

Adani scaled their pool of candidates & made evaluation more relevant to business goals.

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    About Adani

    Founded in 1988 as a commodity training business by GautamAdani nowchairman of Adani group, Adani group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India. Adani group is India’s largest port developer and operator. It owns Fortune, India’s largest edible oil brand and has a flagship company called Adani Enterprise Limited which is the largest private power producerofthe country.


    Adani used Mettl for lateral and campus hiring assessments. Here are the challenges the company faced:

    1. One of the many challenges which their team were facing was the quality of candidates which were turning up for interviews. They were not at all satisfied with the test which they were using to measure job aptitude.
    2. The second issue was that their aptitude test data and reports were inefficient in measuring the capabilities of the candidate.
    3. Another critical issue was the high cost and time loss incurred in administering the traditional pen & paper assessments.


    1. The solution to their key challenges were solved by Mettl’s Job Aptitude assessments, these assessments are benchmarked for various different job roles. Our team was able to map their talent requirements with the competency map and helped them in measuring the right skills through our aptitude test.

    2. Our sophisticated assessment technology gave their candidates the flexibility to take their assessments from their homes. Test authenticity and was ensured using our web proctoring feature which provided confidence to their team of a fair and secure lateral hiring assessment.

    3. Quick and hassle-free evaluations cut down the companies work-load and speeded up the hiring process.


    Adani group used Mettl for campus as well as lateral hiring, with the purpose of selecting the best talent fresh off of campus and highly talented professional with experience. Mettl transformed their earlier hiring process which was time-consuming, costly, and inefficient into an effective, time saving and cost effective exercise.

    Our ground support team ensured that their campus hiring drives were conducted smoothly, securely and efficiently. For lateral hiring, our web proctoring solution ensured selection from a larger pool of eligible candidates, quick evaluation and secure online platform for conducting assessments.




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