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Simplifying and scaling hiring effortlessly

Masai is an outcome-driven career school started in June 2019 to train the youth in the skills needed to be employable in the Information Technology (IT) job market. One thousand five hundred students have graduated with a 97% placement record and an average CTC of 7.37 lakhs per annum, with 7000 students currently studying.

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Use Case

Platform and proctoring and talent assessments

What Masai achieved?

Scaled the number of tests conducted by 1000X

Saved 15,000 hours of effort with SpeechX

SpeechX and the cheat-proof proctoring platform made our interview process efficacious. Mercer | Mettl helped save 15 minutes per interview per assessment, which saved us about 15,000 hours of effort per year. Mercer | Mettl also helped determine the accurate cut-off score for shortlisting candidates.

Yogesh Bhat

Co-Founder and SVP, Holistic Development, Masai School

Business Challenges

Masai School had the following primary requirements:

Expansion of the question bank

Masai School did not have the time or human resources to expand their limited question bank to test their students. That is because they were also trying to expand their pedagogical processes and find ways to skill their students more effectively.

Proctoring solution

There was also a need for a reliable and secure proctoring platform to conduct examinations for students on a large scale. This need was born out of Masai School’s zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism and cheating, be it in exams or the learning journey at school.

Scaling the interview process

As the school scaled from 100 students per batch to 2500 and many more, the organizers realized that scaling the interview process for so many students at the same pace would be challenging.

Need to assess the speaking ability

Masai School was on the lookout for a partner that would help them assess candidates based solely on their speaking ability. Many others were offering a mix of everything but not with a focus on spoken English.

Determining the cut-off score

There was also a requirement to determine a threshold score below which any student taking the test would not qualify for the next round of interviews.

Customizable platform

The assessment platform that Masai wanted for their tests was required to be customizable with the freedom to tweak and make as many changes as possible.


1. Aptitude Assessments – The Mercer | Mettl’s test library comprises one lakh+ questions with advanced role-based simulators. In addition, Mercer | Mettl provides customizable, scalable, and cheat-proof AI-proctored exam solutions with 24/7 client and candidate support.


Mercer | Mettl helped the Masai School with:

  • Exhaustive question bank of aptitude, mathematics, and logic-based questions

2. Platform & Proctoring – Mercer | Mettl’s remote proctoring platform allows conducting online exams seamlessly at an unmatched scale. Mercer | Mettl provides an all-in-one platform to conduct, invigilate and evaluate examinations thoroughly. More than two lakh exams can be proctored in a day, and 26 distinct types of questions are available on our exhaustive platform. In addition, our anti-cheating platform provides a secure browser where all tabs apart from the exam tab are disabled, and any student impersonation is detected immediately through multi-factor authentication.


Mercer | Mettl helped the Masai School with:

  • Secure and robust platform for conducting examinations, ensuring zero tolerance for cheating

3. SpeechX – Mercer | Mettl’s SpeechX is a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) based communication assessment tool that analyzes a candidate’s speaking, writing, and listening ability with high accuracy and provides detailed and instant reports with useful insights and recommendations for improvement.


Mercer | Mettl helped the Masai School with:

  • Customized SpeechX assessment to assess speaking ability in particular – SpeechX helped replace the manual voice assessment tests that took so much time and required massive human effort.
  • Accurate cut-off score based on which Masai could shortlist/reject candidates for further rounds of the interview process.
  • Scaling the assessments and the interview process.

The Impact

Mercer | Mettl’s suite of products comprising the proctoring platform, aptitude assessments and SpeechX helped the Masai School make their tests, platform and interview process among the best in the industry and the most sought after.

The following are the highlights of the positive impact created by Mercer | Mettl’s solutions on the Masai School’s hiring process:

  • Mercer | Mettl’s talent and coding assessments provided a variety of superior quality questions that were added to the Masai School’s curriculum.
  • Robust, secure and 100% cheat-proof proctoring platform ensured educators at the Masai School could conduct exams and interviews without any apprehensions about the students cheating or indulging in any other malpractices.
  • Mercer | Mettl’s proctoring platform and SpeechX assessment provided accuracy with respect to the prediction of the profile of the candidates to be shortlisted after the interview/assessment and the number.
  • 15000 hours equivalent to 8 years of effort and time were saved after implementing the SpeechX test to replace the manual voice assessment test.
  • The flexibility of customizing the platform and the questions in the assessment solutions provided by Mercer | Mettl allowed the Masai School to co-create a solution that was exactly suited to their needs without any compromise on what and how they wanted their solution to be implemented.
  • Ease of scaling the interview process of the Masai School from 100 to approximately 1 lakh (1000X) interviews with the help of Mercer | Mettl’s SpeechX and the proctoring platform that can be used to take up to 1 lakh assessments per day.
  • Mettl’s API Integration allowed the test takers to directly take the test and view the results without ever leaving the Masai website resulting in a smooth test-taking experience.
  • The API integration also enabled Masai to scale their tests with minimum manual intervention.

The way forward


The Masai School continues to use our solutions, and their leaders believe that the scope for future collaboration and co-creation with Mercer | Mettl is immense, with limitless possibilities.

Providing diverse and sufficient questions

Mercer | Mettl’s exhaustive suite of talent assessments helped the Masai School expand their question bank pool

Robust technology to scale hiring

Mercer | Mettl’s platform and proctoring solution ensures a smooth and secure exam experience

Swiftly shortlisting suitable candidates

Mercer | Mettl’s SpeechX provided automated voice tests to replace the manual interview process

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