Computer & Tablet Based Online Assessments

In a one of its kind pilot, we used Mettl’s state of the art remote proctoring technology in the Star scheme to conduct remote online assessments for more than 2000 candidates. While it gave the candidates the flexibility to take the exam from anywhere, the assessment process was completely authentic and prevented cheating through continuous monitoring of the candidates through their webcam while maintaining full audit trail (candidate images/ test history) of the assessment.
-Lt General S.P Kochhar, CEO, Telecom Sector Skill Council

Secure Assessments

Automated Proctoring Suite

AI that automatically flags suspicious behavior such as prompting, screen sharing, and multiple faces among others to eradicate malpractices.

Secure Candidate Verification

Secure authentication via the use of Aadhaar card numbers and/or biometric scanning.

Auditable Real Time Feeds

Live, real-time video feeds – all recorded for future review.

Zero Hassles

Cost Effective

The Mettl online solution has proven to reduce logistical costs by 50-85%.

Invigilator Sourcing

Use our pool of invigilators PAN India to access the remotest corners without worrying.

No Physical Centers

Our unique Virtual Exam Center, and on cloud solution enables thousands of candidates to take the test simultaneously.

Scale Up Certifications

Excellent Outreach

Reach out to candidates in the remotest corners of the nation.


Lower Drop-Offs

Leading to more quality certifications.

Better Candidate Experience

Enables assessments in multiple languages, and reduces the hassle of travel.

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