Result Analysis

Mettl provides result analysis and shares reports with partners on a periodic basis. These reports add value and are immensely helpful in making data driven decisions.


Overall Summary

  • Number of candidates enrolled, appeared, did not appear, passed, failed on a monthly and overall basis.
  • Pass percentage of enrolled and/ or appeared on a monthly and overall basis.

NOS Level Analysis

  • Trend of Average scores in each NOS over the assessment period.
  • Trend of Average percentage obtained in each NOS over the assessment period.

Performance Criteria Level Analysis

  • Average scores in each PC over the assessment time period.
  • PC distribution on the basis on difficulty levels – easy, medium and hard.

Training Partner Level Analysis

  • Pass/Fail volumes of various training providers over the assessment period.
  • Pass percentage trend of various training providers over the assessment period.
  • Overall summary sheet containing NOS wise and overall pass/fail data for all training providers.

Theory/Skill Score Distribution Level Analysis

  • Trend of average theory & skill scores over the assessment period.
  • Trend of average percentage score obtained for theory & skill over the assessment period.

Test Item Level Analysis

  • Analysis of average response times and hit ratios across difficulty levels.
  • Number of times each question makes an appearance.
  • Number of attempts on each question.
  • Number of correct attempts on each question.
  • Average time spent on each question.

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