AI Hackathon

An AI Hackathon is essentially an event that brings together innovative data scientists and developers to solve real-world data challenges in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning. An AI Hackathon aims to bring to life creative solutions in order to leverage the power of AI to amplify human capability.

Developers build tools, apps, bots and other advanced solutions by diving deep into the depths of AI. The hackathon assesses decision-making skills and candidate’s speedy approach to bring value in shortest time possible.

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Online hackathons and ideathons are new-age tools to innovate, ideate, and engage with campus talent, employees, and like-minded individuals. Hackathons and ideathons are used as a hiring tool, employee engagement exercise, branding strategy, and platform for crowdsourcing ideas. Online hackathons and ideathons are digital events that use technology to facilitate collaboration.

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