Listening Comprehension Test

The listening comprehension test gauges how attentively a candidate listens, internalize and effectively understands what other people say in a communication process. The better the listening comprehension assessment, the better is a candidate’s proficiency in understanding and internalizing information and facts from customers/ clients and making the right decision.

A listening comprehension test is used to assess and evaluate an individual’s ability to understand and comprehend spoken English. During the listening comprehension assessment, a candidate hears the recording of different conversations and discussions. Following each recording, the assessee will listen to a question or statement. He/she would choose the best option after hearing that question and click on the submit button to answer it.

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Communication assessments are effective in determining an individual's communication skills with respect to speaking, listening, reading and writing. Communication assessments are leveraged either for customer-facing roles or for organizations that require excellent workplace communication skills.

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AI-Powered English Proficiency Assessment Tool

Intelligent Technology That Evaluates Candidates On Nuances Of Speech

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