Proctored Exam/Test

Proctor exam test is a term used to define an online assessment that employs a tech-enabled monitoring software to supervise a test-taker from start to finish. A proctored exam uses a combination of video and audio to prevent cheating. It enables candidates to take their exam remotely, at the place of their choosing, provided it is exam-friendly.

A proctor exam/ test is an online proctored exam supervised by proctoring software using participants’ desktops, webcams, audios and videos. Software collates data, analyses it thoroughly and generates a result, informing a proctor about students’ sincerity in taking an exam. A proctor exam/test provides utmost strictness to an examination drive and eliminates any unwanted incident.

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The advent of remote proctoring solutions has helped many Universities and Institutes migrate to the online mode by enabling standardized online testing in a secure environment. With AI-enabled technology at play, many entity's have also achieved credibility and scale easily while ensuring a seamless experience for the candidates.

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AI-Powered Online Proctoring To Conduct Secure Exams

Conduct Secure, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Online Proctored Exams

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