Remote Exam

Remote exam means that exam-takers give an exam remotely, using a compatible device (desktop, laptop), high-speed internet and functional input devices such as a webcam and a microphone. It allows both students and faculty to give and monitor exams from their preferred remote locations with utmost integrity.

A remote exam is also called a virtual exam. It is seamless for all stakeholders involved – test-takers, test-makers, and invigilators as it allows them to give and take the exam from any remote online location. The test-taking process begins with confirming the identity of the test-taker and only those validated are allowed to give the exam, thereby safeguarding academic integrity. In addition, the exam is monitored constantly through an audio-video feed to ensure a fair and uniform environment at all times.

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An online examination platform ensures a fool-proof examination process with its in-built features such as enabling controllers of examination to plan the grading scheme, candidate and evaluator slotting, AI-enabled invigilation mechanisms that provifr a cheating-free environment and automated evaluation that able quick result declaration.

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Examination Software with Advanced Proctoring

Highly secure and seamless online examination platform

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