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Call Center Assessment to Hire the Best Call Center Professionals More Quickly

Call center assessment enables you to identify candidates with potential and job readiness to excel or thrive in a challenging customer service environment. Call center test ensures that prospective hires will have the adequate skills to communicate clearly with prospects/customers and solve their queries.

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In business, communication is everything. Marketing researchers have shifted their focus from what they would call 'transaction-centric models' to customer-relationship models. The nature of communication casts a particular impression on customers regarding the service they receive, which directly impacts consumers' behavior as to whether they will buy a specific product or, more importantly, become loyal to certain brands. Effective communication is crucial to delivering excellent customer service. Being able to communicate adequately can help gain affinity from customers, leaving them with a feeling of having been served well. That is why the cornerstone of a flourishing call center is a top-level customer service team that effectively meets the clients' needs and prompts them to become evangelists for their company.

Given the significant amount of time, effort, money, and resources invested in the recruitment drives, companies need to pull out all the stops to find the best candidates who possess have all the qualities required to thrive in a call center environment. That is where Mercer | Mettl’s innovative tool, SpeechX, comes in useful. It automatically grades candidates based on the required competencies, thereby helping hiring managers shortlist the best individual for the available position.

SpeechX has been developed to solve the hiring challenges faced by the call center industry. This assessment tool will assess candidates on their ability to listen actively and respond clearly. As a result, leading call centers can leverage Mercer|Mettl's Speech X to effortlessly screen job candidates and hire the most competent customer service agents and sales representatives. In addition, the tool focuses on finding capable candidates who possess personality traits integral to long-term success in their roles.

SpeechX is an AI-Powered English speaking proficiency assessment tool that solves the call center /BPO industry's major pain points, such as reducing turnaround time in hiring and eliminating human bias while selecting candidates. This tool-based assessment evaluates the candidates on fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and listening comprehension. The test is also AI-backed and auto-grades job applicants by providing an overall score based on the CEFR level that ranges from A1 (beginner) to C2 (proficient), helping the hiring managers know the candidate's skill level.

It is suitable to assess candidates for positions across all industries that entail frequent interactions with customers over inbound calls and direct interactions. When it comes to selecting talented job applicants for the call center staff, it's never been easier, thanks to the power of the Speech X tool. Whether for outbound calls or inbound calls, or both, hiring becomes seamlessly easy, enabling employers to craft a customized test specific to their needs.

Whether it is about building a bigger team for the onsite call centers or switching to remote working processes, Mercer|Mettl's SpeechX helps shorten time-to-hire, decrease turnover and attrition, and identify high performing employees.

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You can use Mercer| Mettl's call center assessment to screen out those applicants who lack the required level of competencies and skills for the job, helping you develop your workforce the way you want.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call center executives need to stay in control during difficult confrontations. Strategies for handling such situations include staying calm and not reacting or taking things personally, empathizing with the customer, listening closely to their needs, being clear and confident, coming up with innovative solutions, and apologizing if required.

Listed below are some tips that call center reps must use to cope with a tense situation:
 Remain calm
 Refrain from taking anything personally
 Be an active listener
 Express sympathy for customer's undesirable experience
 Express apology whether the customer’s complaint is irrelevant or legitimate
 Find a solution to their problem

Call center executives should have strong communication skills, technical skills, an understanding of the organization’s products or services, flexibility, a problem-solving mindset, empathy, patience, active listening skills, and an ability to stay organized.

Soft skills are the tools that facilitate interactions between call center professionals and customers, colleagues, or their seniors. Soft skills include competencies like adaptability, work ethic, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, being open to feedback, and having a team player mindset.

Call centers are a channel for vocal communication for customer queries, requests, complaints, or needs for assistance. Call center professionals are responsible for these interactions, handling complaints, and resolving queries.

Call control is a technique that call center professionals can use to extract meaningful information from customers quickly and efficiently for higher productivity.

Good team leaders in call centers should stay connected with all their team members and motivate them to achieve big goals. Good team leaders should also lead by example, take a stand for their team, and be able to keep top talent engaged.

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