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Hire the right talent for the right roles

With Mercer | Mettl, assess talent to understand fundamental knowledge of people to build successful teams

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What are technical tests?

Technical assessments are application and knowledge-based evaluations that measure conceptual, fundamental, and framework understanding of technology or job-focussed competencies. They are insightful and efficient in assessing several skill-based job profiles.

Revolutionise your people success strategies

Our technical assessments help assess efficiency in soft and hard skills, job performance, and readiness skills.

Evaluate knowledge

Evaluate knowledge across 500+ skills

Assess talent for job-specific skills using an extensive library of 100,000+ questions.

Hire skilled talent

Hire skilled talent across 40+ industries

Utilize pre-designed skill-based assessments to hire candidates across 40+ industries.

Identify experienced

Identify experienced talent remotely

Hire the best people for your team using remote proctoring and anti-cheating features.

Measure real world coding

Measure real-world coding potential

Assess functional knowledge with real-world coding simulators, case lets, MCQs, etc.

Insightful reports

Insightful reports for data-driven decisions

Real-time and insightful reports for data-driven technical hiring decisions.

Assess role-based competencies

Assess job-skills with immersive simulators

Seamless simulator to assess and auto-grade job-specific and coding skills


Reinventing your people hiring strategy

Repository of 100K+ tech questions

Extensive repository of 100,000+ questions to measure technical skills.

Real-world online simulator

Evaluate programming and focused skills using an auto-graded simulator.

Resourceful assessment platform

A versatile platform to measure on-job performance, skills, and behavior.

Online proctoring platform

Power your hiring with a reliable online proctoring and monitoring platform.

Measure technical skills using real-time simulators

Exhaustive library of 100,000+ questions to assess core job competencies.

Improve your hiring strategies for better performance

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Reducing the skills gap


Coding competency library

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