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What are Coding Tests?

Online coding tests are programming assessment tools used to objectively evaluate a candidate's programming skills across parameters such as problem-solving, coding aptitude, and de-bugging.

Coding assessment tests are widely used by organizations as an intrinsic step in the technical recruitment process. They are an effective and standardized source of screening potential candidates, thereby reducing time to hire and increasing efficiencies.


Hire developers at scale using coding tests for freshers and experienced coders across diverse roles and distinct technologies


Evaluate developers across 600+ skills

Assess candidates on a wide range of tech skills using hands-on and knowledge-based questions


Hire remote talent at ease

Easily assess top tech talent globally with online coding tests and a live interview platform. Use online coding test and recruit the best talents.


Hire freshers and experienced coders

An exhaustive library of technical questions and coding simulators help you evaluate freshers and experienced hires with ease.


Insightful reports to support business

Easily consumable, real-time and in-depth analytics to support your technical hiring decisions


Fully auto-graded evaluation

Seamless auto-graded evaluation through pre-built test cases


World-class IDES

Best-in-class IDEs that offer a real-world coding environment for candidates

Unmatched Quality and Depth of Technical Assessment Questions

Our test library of more than 100,000 technical questions ensures that there is a question for every possible job-role that you are looking to hire for.