Coding/Programming Assessment

Coding assessment, also known as programming assessment, is a comprehensive evaluation approach of a candidate’s technical talent. By employing a combination of knowledge and application-based techniques, such as multiple-choice questions and simulators, coding tests help the hiring managers measure job-relevant skills of quality technical talent from a vast candidate pool.

Coding assessment is also known as programming assessment. It is conducted to understand whether the applicant can fulfill critical job requirements before hiring. A meaningful talent evaluation through a coding test, at the onset, ensures successful hiring. Programming assessments also maximize the tech hiring process’s efficiency, eliminates bias, provides comprehensive and evidence-based evaluation for all kinds of developers, ranging from novice or expert. Coding assessments are best suited before the interview round and should be administered as a part of technical screening.

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Coding assessments and simulators when put together, filter and screen fresh campus talent, or lateral hiring candidates at scale to help understand the core competency of a candidate and help hire the best potential talent to take on a variety of technical tasks in the future.

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