Crystallized Intelligence

Crystallized intelligence refers to the mind’s ability to use prior knowledge and experience to make informed decisions. For example, solving a mathematical problem becomes easy with formula or applying grammatical rules to form correct sentences are all examples that define crystallized intelligence.

Crystallized intelligence is all about facts, skills and information acquired through experiences. Cognitive intelligence uses the existing knowledge that grows with practice and different experiences. Generally, crystallized intelligence tests are dominant tests used for academic selection purposes. These tests are ideal for primary and secondary school systems. Some handpicked questions that measure crystallized intelligence are numerical reasoning, verbal ability, critical thinking and logical reasoning, data analysis, problem-solving and decision-making.

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Personality assessments, as the name implies, gauge an individual’s positive and dark personality traits. Personality assessments are modeled after two broad schools of thought – trait theory and type theory. Type-based personality assessments characterize people according to certain qualitatively distinctive categories. These are more suitable for personal use. Trait-based personality assessments view personality as a function of multiple traits and measure the degree to which each trait is present in individuals. They are used for high-stake decisions in workplace settings.

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