Ideathons are intensive brainstorming events where individuals from different backgrounds, skills and interests converge to diagnose predefined problems, identify the best opportunities and ideate the most viable solution. An ideathon may require just ideas, a solution, a roadmap or an actionable plan. Ideathons are typically time-bound, spanning a few hours to a couple of days.

Organizations use Ideathons as an innovation platform for internal and external competitions. Internal ideathons focus on employee engagement, team building and solving a longstanding business problem. External ideathons are mainly employed during campus recruitment to establish brand connect with fresh graduates. Participants usually work in teams, present multiple ideas and solutions, subsequently working toward the most suitable. An ideathon provides opportunities to learn, collaborate, innovate and change.

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Online hackathons and ideathons are new-age tools to innovate, ideate, and engage with campus talent, employees, and like-minded individuals. Hackathons and ideathons are used as a hiring tool, employee engagement exercise, branding strategy, and platform for crowdsourcing ideas. Online hackathons and ideathons are digital events that use technology to facilitate collaboration.

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